Top Business Answering Services Companies In USA

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The answering solution is a unique customer experience for your enterprise, including after hours and bilingual support.

Business Answering Services - ByteAhead

Virtual Assistant

Adjust live operator call manipulating on the fly, script how we will be answering phone calls, or adjust your messaging whilst you want.

Service Experts

Specialty’s 24-hour live operator opportunity and dynamic software integrations make us one of the pre-eminent answering services for small enterprise.

Answering Calls

Our virtual assistant answering services come full of effective capabilities to assist any sized enterprise to enhance their communication.

Outsource Smarter with Analytics

Review reports seeing data like minute usage, time of day, script performance, caller location, and more.

Built to Massively Scale

Let us do the heavy lifting of scaling up to answer your phones, messages, and dispatch urgent requests to your own on-call staff.

Growing Businesses

Specialty’s virtual assistant services work fantastically for a range of small enterprises. With effective features to assist the enterprise to enhance their client communication.

Appointment Booking

Not everyone calls for appointments during business hours. With our HIPAA compliant support team, you can rest easier at night and work easier during the day.

Call Patching

We have offered a live transfer solution that works well with our flexible message delivery. Whether it’s an emergency call we can handle appropriately and with care or a new lead.

Sales/Order Processing

Our team offers efficient sales/order processing Despite the emergence of e-commerce, people still call with questions before they purchase something.

Lead Capture

You never know when an important customer will call, be prepared to capture all queries and business looking for you.