mobile application design |Best Tools to Use for Mobile App UI Design
Best Tools to Use for Mobile App UI Design Presently, a greater number of mobile application design frameworks are open-source in the market. Experimenting with different inbuilt applications, plug-ins, and extensions. And the toolkits help you out in producing an accurate choice when choosing online resources for manipulative your individual apps. To conclude what is a list of useful apps or tools that can serve your complete app scheming desires by letting you generate appealing
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Voice User Interface And UX: A New Star Trek In The Digital Empire?
Voice User Interface And UX: A New Star Trek In The Digital Empire? Interface design enhances humans to experience and interact with advanced technology. Interestingly, Voice User Interface, or VUI, is the ability to speak to devices and its potential to understand and act from users’ commands. Let us discuss Voice User Interface and UX in this session. What is VUI? The rise of voice is the evolution of AI and cloud computing abilities. With
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Bluetoothadapter : Bluetooth-based-client-server-apps
Bluetoothadapter: Bluetooth Based Client-Server Apps In this scenario, we are interconnecting with a Raspberry Pi using Bluetooth. For this, we want to implement a full-duplex type connection with the help of RPI. We are looking forward to better solutions over the internet, but uncertainly, we found nothing. very few Bluetooth-based libraries are well written and almost nothing or a little bit of implementation for creating bluetoothadapter. Bluetooth The Android studio includes support for the Bluetooth
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How To Implement google Analytics for mobile apps?
How To Implement Analytics In Your Mobile App? If you’re offering a mobile application, you’ve likely considered the similarities between optimizing a simple site and a mobile application or gaming. But have you considered how the measurement and data analytics for the process of the mobile app will be unique? What is mobile app analytics? App analytics are for understanding your user behavior as they allow you to track exactly what your users are doing
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6 Ways Of Driving In AI Decision Making (Artificial Intelligence)
6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Decision Making As the technology keeps evolving the fast-paced improvement of Artificial Intelligence packages, moreover AI improvements may be predicted in the coming days. AI is significantly utilized by several media and online services such as Google Assistant, dialogue and voice recognition of Siri, Microsoft Cortana, picture category in Facebook & Google Photo, and Amazon’s Alexa, says a report. Below we discuss some AI decision making in driving. Artificial
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