Experts’ Take On The Most Common UX Mistakes: 10 Drawbacks You Must Avoid At All Cost

What is UX design all about?

UX designer or UX design is building a product, and the product contains problem-solving, a product design with a proper plan to achieve customer solve users’ problems. Another important reason that makes user experience is one of the assets it helps in making brand awareness, which is a must to compete with the competitors. But most importantly the end-users tend to indicate your product or service through a flexible UX design. There is a lot of  UX mistakes in design, let’s discuss a common mistake.

1.Directly to go design

The designer skips some steps in the designing process. Understanding the needs of customers, then define a problem what is a problem, why the problem is occurring, then how to solve the problem. When you start building a product, you must have some time to spend to know what they want out of the project.

Experts' Take On The Most Common UX Mistakes: You Must Avoid

2.Lack of communication

Neglecting good communication and failing to involve the team and clients in designing the solutions. So, it is a teamwork to the ultimate competitive approach, both because it is so grateful and so rare. We need the entire team to arrive at a solution. Talk to your colleagues, ask them for their opinion, and co-create with them.

3.Define the problem

Another mistake is lacking to define the problem or not digging deep enough into it. Some designers receive requirements and then provide a solution without taking the time to really think about it. The idea is not to know all the answers, but rather to build team alignment and make decisions together along the way.

4.Unrelated content

Good content is important in your design. Your UX designed content must be short, simple and systems that can be easily understandable structure. Because if you’ll put unrelate information, no one is going to read and avoid that. Some heading on websites are more than 150 pixels in height which will make it irritating for customers. But web designers must be careful while using them, and these are various important UX mistakes to consider.

5.Deep research to understand user demand

Experts' Take On The Most Common UX Mistakes: You Must Avoid

The research factor also becomes important to know what your competitors are offering to the users. The products that you offer through the app should fully correspond to the needs of the customers. And to gain this strong correspondence, and then again need the support of deep research. It will give you more user-centric design methods.

6.Wireframing is important

The wireframe structure should be well-studied and a way of the structural design. So that the overall sketch design is radiant, resistant, easily navigable, and laid out in a way that the user can reach their attractive goal. Without a strong layout, the overall design of a product or site can become easier, leading to a hostile user experience.

7.Taking assumptions as true

Experts' Take On The Most Common UX Mistakes: You Must Avoid

It can happen during the assessment or a study, where you rush into your design without providing any context while making predictions about what your audience knows.

8.Inconsistent design methods

One of the major disadvantages committed by the designers is choosing an inconsistent design that adversely affects the performance of the application. UX mistakes in design will make it inconvenient for the customers to navigate through the application. So, your ultimate aim is to offer a design that will seamlessly operate on all types of devices without any interruption.

Experts' Take On The Most Common UX Mistakes: You Must Avoid

9.Never conducting usability testing

Customer feedback is most for building products, so you must see customer reviews, opinions. So, don’t forget to conduct a usability test with a Hi-Fi prototype for feedback. It will help you to ensure products for end-users. This will help you iron out the last-minute and highlight any design flaws you may have overlooked.

10.UI and UX are distinct

Many numbers of people are not aware of the difference between UI and UX. UI is a mixture of visual and interaction design. UX designer will design the user desired goals, user flows an applications outline and a UI designer will make those interactions by the addition of disciplinary color. It will provide users with the instructions to follow in order of the application’s navigation successfully.


Plenty of technique and research while designing helps UX mistakes that make it very easy to understand by the customers. Every designer makes a mistake, but what matters the most is to rectify and fix it as soon as possible. So, if you want to keep a high rate of user experience, you must avoid the common mistakes that are mentioned above.