How to Effectively Scale Your Web Application

A scaling app is the potential for an application to grow over time and being able to efficiently handle more and more requests according to the minute. It’s not only a simple tweak you can turn on/off, it’s a long-time process that touches almost every single item on your stack, including the hardware and software program aspects of the system.

Common problems for scaling app?

Let’s use Rails as an example – it introduces the scalability issues when your project grows too large, but the application’s potential to scale is more about the whole system architecture. But it doesn’t mean that scaling a rail app is continually a pain, of course, Twitter moved from rails to scale. However, on the other hand, Shopify is continuously growing with rails on the backend for about 10 years, with over 50,000 requests per a minute and 45ms response time.

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Scaling your web application

Today, the internet is full of resources that teach you how to do code, and how to create web applications, but it lacks resources on how to make your web app scalable. So, that can accommodate thousands of users without having performance issues and making it fault-tolerant.

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Web server overload

The architecture remains the same, it’s just that the server has been upgraded to accommodate more clients than before. This would solve our issue temporarily, but it’s not permanent. As more and more people begin to use our web app, the added resources would eventually run out and we would need to keep on vertically scaling our server. We have to fix better for this, which also eliminates a second concern of having a single point of failure.

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Unrevealing and most common myth regarding scalability

Most of the conferences and talks on scalability, some people mostly talk approximately by the overall performance and excessive availability, however, in reality, they had been relating to scalability. When the software isn’t responsive to 100 concurrent users, the real performance challenges lie in improving the common reaction time for equal to a hundred concurrent customers. On the alternative hand, scalability deals with the ability of the application to accommodate a sudden increase in demand. When an application isn’t scalable for a hundred concurrent customers or resources, the scalability challenge lies in handling the arbitrary demands.

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Key factors to consider

Cloud storage providers take the responsibility of making your data accessible and available. This software monitors the traffic usage to a web application and through a set of servers will portion, out of the users to spread the load across multiple servers. This prevents a problem where one server would have to handle a surge of users.

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Effective use of caching within a web application will save costs on loading data and increase reusability. It allows faster retrieval of data rather than always having to go back to the source and database. A method of developing decentralized systems and lightweight protocols that are modular in design, and allow for upgrading and maintenance without having to affect the entire application.