13 Great Examples Of React Native Apps In 2020

The concept of growing mobile apps and the usage of the simplest paradigm for all structures sounds a piece unreal. React Native hurries up the procedure of building apps throughout one-of-a-kind structures, way to the opportunity of reusing maximum of the code among them.

13 examples of React Native apps

1. Facebook

React Native began out as Facebook’s hackathon tasks, that evolved in reaction to the organization’s. Facebook desired to convey all of the advantages of internet improvement together with rapid iterations and having a single team that builds the complete product to mobile. That’s how React Native becomes added to lifestyles and leveraged in mobile app improvement for each iOS and Android apps.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020

2. Skype

Skype introduced that it’s running on its new app, that written in React Native. It became quite correct statistics for all of the customers because the well-designed app had suffered from several issues. The new edition was given absolutely revamped, the icons to the complete layout, including some capabilities as well. It is additionally well worth noting that Microsoft determined to apply React Native now, no longer simplest for the mobile structures however additionally for Windows.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020

3. Facebook Ads

The social networking platform isn’t the simplest React Native utility that become evolved beneath Facebook’s roof. Facebook Ads become surely the React Native app for Android and, the completely React Native is primarily based on a cross-platform app that builds within the organization. The framework appeared flawlessly appropriate for a lot of complicated enterprises that common required to correctly manage the variations in advert formats, time zones, date formats, currencies, foreign money conventions, and so on, in particular, that a large bite of it become already written in JavaScript.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020

4. Instagram

Instagram took a task to combine React Native into their present local app beginning from the handiest view you could imagine: The Push Notifications view which becomes at the start carried out because of the WebView. It didn’t require building the navigation infrastructure, as UI becomes simple.

5. Tesla

Tesla, the world’s well-known manufacturer of electric cars, has additionally joined the React Native network. The organization evolved its utility for electric-powered automobiles and Powerwall battery proprietors and the usage of Facebook’s trending framework. This app is designed to diagnose and discover a vehicle, in addition, to manipulate it with the assists of the smartphone.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020

6. Walmart

Walmart’s pursuits surely high, desiring to come to be the world’s biggest online retailer. With such large desires, the organization wishes to take formidable movements that contain better hazards so that you can benefit from an aggressive advantage. They usually seeking their approaches to enhance patrons to revel with the aid of using attempting new technologies. Walmart has already proved its modern mindset by introducing Node.js into its stack. A few years later in addition they rewrote their mobile app into React Native.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020

7. Airbnb

Airbnb has additionally incorporated React Native into its mobile utility. They first observed the whilst running with the framework that has become the fee of integration with the present local apps which becomes high, however, it paid off. However, a few demanding situations popped up alongside the way.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020

8. SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is a utility for creators that enables them to manipulate their money owed and hold their network humming. The organization began out designing the second set of local apps, they confronted some obstacles. iOS builders have not been possible to discover and that they didn’t need to have a massive hole among the iOS and Android releases. Therefore, an impartial studies team begins out to run person-trying out periods with React Native-primarily based totally prototypes.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020

9. Yeti Smart Home

The dev team at Yeti Smart Home confronted a comparable hassle because of the men at SoundCloud. They lacked iOS and Android builders, however, they surely desired to begin building the local apps. That’s why they became React Native, a framework that appeared to be a higher choice than studying from scratch, to create correct local stories in Swift and Java separately.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020

10. Whym

Whym is a real-time translation app for tourists, hospitality, and journey businesses, together with accommodations and airports. It presents to get entry to stay an interpreter for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everywhere within the world. Whym becomes with the aid of using our React Native team. The app becomes, evolved natively for iOS, however, because the customer began out to don’t forget in additional improvement for different structures with the functionality to release the app onto new working systems, our team encouraged the React Native as a powerful approach to attain those desires.

11. ChaperHome

ChaperHome is non-public protection app that becomes, additionally evolved with the aid of using the crew usage of React Native. The app permits customers to choose a protector, set a due time of arrival at a destination, or pick the organization to hold the tune of buddies who are out together.

12. Shine

Shine is a mindfulness app that customers examine the motivational mottos and articles, that enable them to loosen up and the creators are desired to expand the app for iOS gadgets, as their goal becomes the U.S. marketplace, wherein iOS has an extensive marketplace share. However, they desired for you to build an Android app as soon as the enterprise receives traction.

13.Uber Eats

Uber has shared their insights approximately leveraging the React Native in engineering their meals transport app. Unlike the same Uber app, the Uber Eats market includes 3 parties: restaurants, transport companions, and eaters. Such a version required an additional dashboard for restaurants.

13 Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2020


There are numerous greater programs that written in React Native, and we are able to see the distance for the framework within the destiny of the improvement is growing. React Native has proved to be a possible opportunity for the local app improvement, and, regardless of a few faults, it brings an extensive variety of possibilities. With a dynamic network increase and better popularity, we’re sure to look like much greater React Native programs pop up within the destiny.