9 Trending Objective-C And Swift iOS Libraries

If you are interested in studying mobile development for iOS and observing to take your iOS development helps to the next level, Core Data with CloudKit framework must be top of your array. You got the idea of creating an iOS app, necessary to understand the best libraries to implement great functionalities with a small kind of effort. we’ve discussed the 9 iOS libraries that may help you save lots of time and create amazing effects for developing iOS applications that create a new trending look & feel.


Eureka is a Swift library that can create codeless, powerful table-view DSL forms simply and elegantly. It consists of sections, rows, and forms. A Form is a group of sections and a section is a group of rows. If your app contains a lot of forms using dynamic XLForm then many terms will result familiar to you and prove to be a real time-saver.

9 Trending Objective-C And Swift iOS Libraries and Features


• Concise syntax and Elegant to readable.
• Support dynamic table-view forms.
• Fully customizable.
• Powerful and Flexible.
• Extensible and safe.


RNFrostedSidebar provides a minimalistic sidebar that makes use of a Control Center-Esque control with blurred background and toggle animations to your app. It’sdeveloped by means of Ryan Nystrom, Facebook iOS engineer and writer of different kind of libs as RNGridMenu and RNBlurModalView.


• Security concerns when access.
• Overlay of the manipulate is simply shaded.


RxSwift is a Swift framework for programming. It is a Swift version of Rx and its goal is to establish easy asynchronous operations and event or data streams.


• Make it easy to develop dynamic applications that respond to changes in data and to user events.

• It solves the issues related to asynchronous development.

9 Trending Objective-C And Swift iOS Libraries and Features


When it involves networking, this library makes each developer’s lifestyle to make it easier. AFNetworking is a rapid and lightweight networking library that builds blocks and dispatch. It is an amazing instance of the way an open-source assignment needs to be run, creator Matt Thompson, the founder and previous author on NSHipster. An awesome community of builders contributes to AFNetworking.


• Used open-source frameworks, which simplify a developer’s day-to-day tasks.
• It evaluates RESTful API networking, creates modular requests or replies with success, steps, and failure completion blocks.


Chameleon is Objective-C Built with all about adding various color combinations to your app. You can save time by going through twenty-four hand-picked color combinations that come in both dark and light shades without your text will be the readable format depending on the background colors of your app.


• Easily stop tinkering with RGB values, So time-saving for figuring out the right color combinations to use in your app.
• Color theme support.
• Global app theme.

9 Trending Objective-C And Swift iOS Libraries and Features


Space constraints can be tricky to solves this problem in a very smart way in mobile software. Particularly on iOS textual content fields, the default behavior is to have the text content disappear as quickly as you begin typing. The placeholders flow to the top of the entered text after you begin typing, so customers don’t get confused.


If you’re interested in using pan gestures to move back and forth between views, then XLPagerTabStrip is the right to use.


9 Trending Objective-C And Swift iOS Libraries and Features

Canvas provides add UI animations in your app, using this amazing tool, not only coders but also designers and also experience in Objective-C and Swift iOS programming can build the product using the interface builder.


You can choose other awesome animated buttons for your app, create with LiquidFloatingActionButton, a component built using a material design that runs in the screen in a liquid state, inspired by Material in a Liquid State. The customizable is easy, both Objective-C and Swift have compatible libraries created by Takuma Yoshida, currently working in Japan.


• Liquid animation.
• Customizable easily.
• Combination of Objective-C and Swift iOS version compatible.


SlackTextViewController The slack created with the aid of using SlackTextViewController– whose software program to communicate, that goals to be additional for UITableViewController & UICollectionViewController for Objective-C.

9 Trending Objective-C And Swift iOS Libraries and Features


Now above these techniques of Objective-C and Swift iOS libraries, it is important to keep in mind some important factors, such as the goal of your application functionality, your target audience, then, make sure the chosen libraries suit efficiently in your app’s desires.