What to Expect From The App Store and Google Play Store When You Launch Your First App?

But the way many apps are being released each month of the app store and google play these days. According to data compiled by pocket gamer.biz, developers are currently submitting over apps per month on average. A number of apps were submitted for approval by Apple in September 2016, in which the mobile game category for twenty-nine percent of that figure.

App store

Once the beta version of your application is installed. TestFlight will inform testers every time a new build is available, offering a simple way to leave feedback and giving testers clear hints on focus. Third, you will get the opportunity to distribute your apps including for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and other devices and safari extensions via the App Store. There are no hosting fees or any concerns regarding payment procedures inside your app. Apple handles take a fifteen-percentage cut of your revenue.

What to Expect from the App Store and Google Play Store When You Launch Your First App

Best practices and standards of the stores

You’ve always prepared for the future. just you’re building an android app right now, doesn’t mean won’t you wish for an iOS app in a year or two. While there are differences between both platforms, there is a huge amount of overlap as well. Here’s an example to indicate what I’m talking about the graphic app store allows you to have fifty characters in the description.  The Google play store lets embrace thirty characters. So, if you’re launching on Apple’s app store, you should keep your title under thirty characters, even though they allow for more.

What to Expect from the App Store and Google Play Store When You Launch Your First App

To expect when launching your first app

Android is a free operative system, which means their apps can be installed on various devices. As an intelligent entrepreneur, you have identified your need for businesses to have a mobile app. You already know the two platforms you will be hit, android and iOS. We have done a comparison of both platforms to help you prepare for publishing for your app extremely purchased by Google in 2005, their focus is on all kinds of mobile phones and tablets.

What to Expect from the App Store and Google Play Store When You Launch Your First App

How long does it take to publish an app?

Once you have submitted your app for review, you can change the status in my apps section and the iTunes connected app for iPhone and iPad, or Google play console for android. You should always take into holidays and maintenance days because they can significantly delay publishing. If you don’t get a reply, you can always check Apple services at developer.apple.com or check the Google Play console.

What to Expect from the App Store and Google Play Store When You Launch Your First App

Types of apps that use Android and iOS

Android developers make their own apps available for a good range of smartphones and tablets, with different display sizes, CPUs, and RAM capacity.  iOS apps are not as adaptive apps that work both on iPhones and iPads, but there are still some exceptions that aren’t adapted to the larger screen of an iPad.The most popular categories in the play store are photography, family, music & audio, entertainment, shopping, and personalization.

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What do you want to start before?

These release standard mobile users by limiting publication to the best products, and this poses a challenge for developers who got to invest longer in building a product to fulfill Apple’s app store within the Google Play Store.

Set up pricing & distribution

Google has the superiority once it involves mobile app visibility as the search queries are matched with the app name, right down to the description. As a result, Google provides you with better visibility options that your app finds targeted audience whereas Apple is more limited in its reach.

Before you can fill out the details during this step, you need to determine your app’s monetization strategy. Once you know your mobile app goes to form money, you can move and set up your app as free or paid. Remember, you can always modify your app from paid to free later, you cannot change a free app to pay. For that, you’ll be producing a new app and set price. You can also select the countries to distribute your app, and opt-in distribute to specific automation devices and programs too.


Once you are clear you’ve filled out those details and select your app to navigate to release management. Press edit release, next you, review it. Next, click on ‘review’ to roll out the release’ screen. Here, you can see if there are any issues or warnings you might have missed out on. Finally, select confirm rollout option. This will also publish your app to all users in your target countries on Google play.