What Is Accelerometer? How to Use Accelerometer in Mobile Devices?

The accelerometer is a sensor that clients with an upgraded experience through the way of fixing the orientation of the app show display within the mobile and tablet.


An accelerometer is an electromechanical tool that measures the stress of acceleration because of motion or thruway the gravity or thruway of vibration. These forces can be static like gravity stress, dynamic senses motion, or vibrations mathematically, acceleration is a duration of the extrude in tempo or pace divided thru a way of time.

What does an accelerometer do?

If your computer drops abruptly at the identical time as you, an accelerometer can recognize the motives for the unexpected loose fall and turn off the hard pressure right away to avoid any statistical damage the accelerometer in mobile is the dynamic one that changes the orientation of the display from portrait to landscape and vice-versa based totally mostly on the tilt of the mobile.

Accelerometer in mobile devices

The accelerometer within the smartphone measures that the linear acceleration of the device when at rest feature in some problems orientation, the choice represents the stress of gravity performing on the device at the identical time it moreover measures the acceleration on the X and Y axis so you’ll be zero. As an accelerometer in mobile can tune the motion, its miles are used as a pedometer to depend upon a variety of range steps based on the step it permits clients to with the precise assessment of how many strengths burnt, how many kilometers they walked, and more.

Orientation sensor

With the in-built smartphone accelerometer, clients can get a better viewing experience at the identical time as turning the page, playing gesture video games, adjusting from landscape to portrait orientation, and zoom-out & zoom-in on the images. Sometimes, it’s used for the reason appropriately to shake on the identical time as taking pictures, auto-rotation of images, play motion mini-video games.

Key characteristics of accelerometer in mobile devices

  • It adjusts the show display orientation from landscape/horizontal to portrait/vertical and vice-versa to permit clients a better view of the app.
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  • It helped the customer to reduce the motor on time thru the manner of way of acting on-time repair or replacement.


An accelerometer is a tool that is probably used for diploma acceleration, the price of extruding on tempo. However, an accelerometer in a mobile phone detects changes within the orientation and therefore rotates the mobile show display basically, it permits your smartphone to recognize up form down.