How To Create A Flow In Salesforce?

We have seen drastic modify in mechanization and the modify continue over time. The main motto is to behind these changes is to automatize the process. Simply reducing the user interaction involved in a process is known as automatize. It helps business management to increase their productivity and efficiency.

What is a flow?

Flow is software within the Salesforce that automates an enterprise method by means of amazing facts and acting operations to your org or an outside system. Flow can fetch, delete, replace, and create statistics on a couple of objects. Flow in Salesforce may be carried out in ways

  • Screen flows.
  • Auto launched flow.
How To Create A Flow In Salesforce?

Screen flows

In this sort of glide, there might be a sequence of display screen factors that collects all the data from the consumer to carry out a few operations. Screen flows may be accessed from custom buttons, links, Visualforce Pages, etc.

Auto-launched flow

Auto- launched runs within the heritage with no consumer interplay. Auto-released flows may be accessed from custom buttons, links, Visualforce Pages, method builder, and Apex, etc.

How To Create A Flow In Salesforce?

When/why do I use flow?

In maximum cases, the sort of automation is to apply for a particular method that may be decided by means of comparing in which the facts for the techniques originate from and in which it wishes to go.

  • Flows are capable of creating, edit, and delete any files surpassed into the glide. Records should be associated with the skip facts in a glide. Flows are capable of being scheduled to run on a hard and fast C program language with a set of statistics.
  • Workflow area replaces that can write the facts to the equal file that invoked the workflow rule or the grasp file of an element dating at the file that invoked to rule. Workflow guidelines aren’t capable of creating, edit, or delete the data.
  • Process builder may be used to put in writing the facts to the equal file that invoked the method or statistics that are associated with both of the research or element relationships. Processes can also create data however no longer delete.

Difference between a screen flow and auto-launched flow

 Flows may be accessed in the ways.

Screen Flows

These are the flows that have a UI detail and required to enter from the customers. These kinds of flows are both released as a movement or embedded as a detail on a lightning page.

Auto launched Flows

These flows are used to run automatic tasks. Auto launched flows may be invoked with the method builder or from inside an apex class. Additionally, Auto launched flows may be scheduled to run on a particular c program language period.

How To Create A Flow In Salesforce?

1. Palette

It includes all of the elements through which the consumer interacts. These factors are used to build the logic. It consists of a user interface, logic elements, data phase to address the DML operations, quick actions, and email alerts.

2. Resources

Resources encompass the variables, formulae, constant, subject variable, etc to gather the facts, that keep and use them within the glide.

3. Explore

It includes all the listing factors and assets which might be used within the glide. Drag and drop the factors onto the canvas to build the logic.

We’ll create few variables to apply in our glide. Testing flows while checking out the gear with flows are limited, and you do have the functionality to check the glide earlier than activating it. To take a look at a glide, you could enter the variables and click on debug to run via to make certain and it really works properly. This is especially actual with the screen Flows.

Common mistakes

  • Using the incorrect field or variable.
  • Too many SQL queries.
  • Object & field-level security for walking consumers.
  • No access to running flows.

Unique kinds of flows in salesforce

Auto-launched flows with no flow trigger

Doesn’t require consumer interplay. This glide kind doesn’t help screens, actions, choices, or desire sets. The to be had distribution techniques to be had are:

  • Flow actions.
  • Lightning pages.
  • Lightning network pages.
  • Custom aura additives.
  • Custom lightning internet additives.

Custom buttons or custom links

  • Web tabs.
  • Direct glide URLs.
  • Visualforce pages.
  • Lightning out.
  • Embedded Service deployments.

Auto-Launched flows with a scheduled trigger

Runs simplest from a schedule. This glide kind doesn’t help the consumer to interplay, screens, actions, choices, or desire sets.

The to be had distribution techniques are:

  • Processes.
  • Custom apex classes.
  • Web tabs.
  • Custom buttons or custom links.
  • Visualforce pages.
How To Create A Flow In Salesforce?

Screen flows

Requires the consumer interplay as it consists of screens, actions, steps, choices, or dynamic choices. Screen flows don’t help to pause the factors. A schedule-prompted glide runs from the simplest to the scheduled time and frequency.

Auto-launched flows with a record trigger

Makes earlier than the updates to the brand new or modified files that launch the glide. Using this guide to customize the consumer provisioning configuration for a linked app to hyperlink salesforce customers with their google app accounts. 

Field service mobile flow

Requires the consumer to interplay as it has one or greater screens.

Field service embedded

The flow requires consumers to interplay as it has one or more screens.

Contact request

The flow requires consumer interplay as it has one or greater screens. Use one of the following experience builder additives to feature this glide:

  • Contact request button & flow release the glide in a popup window.
  • Flow embed the glide immediately on the web page.


In this way, you could configure Salesforce flow to automate your enterprise methods. You also can create a couple of statistics; bulk replaces and ships electronic mail indicators to the usage of salesforce glide.