Top 6 Nodejs Frameworks For Web Apps In 2022

These features explain almost everything why you should generally go with NodeJS for backend development. But, you may get burdened approximately which one to choose as there are so many NodeJS frameworks available out there.

What is a Nodejs framework?

Most network developers use it for unique web backend software development. It is There are 3 types

o MVC Frameworks

o REST API Frameworks

o Full-Stack Frameworks

  1. Express.js

Express.JS became released in 2010. If you’re an amateur net developer, if you are a hobbyist network developer, JS is one of the quality paintings for you as it falls far short of one of the most minimalistic and crisp images. All it needs out of your end is a fundamental knowledge of NodeJS improvement and your net developing skill.

Top 6 Nodejs Frameworks For Web Apps In 2022

When To Use Express.js?

If your needs call for fully browser-based or growing programs, as they offer to security, templating, route and error dealing with quality-fitted for such net development solutions.

  1. Koa.JS

This framework is quality-appropriate for growing net apps with top-notch personalization options image can handle differences and has a form of trapped middleware. The framework is quality to create APIs for net offerings which later will become a laugh for developers to cope with HTTP middleware the use of a stack-like method your priority is the efficiency and growth of fully mobile, network-based applications, the framework has no alternative. 

  1. Meteor.JS

Meteor is a free, well-known, open-source, isomorphic JavaScript framework written in Node JS for net, mobile, and laptop. It will become quite essential to think about the existing statistics on the use of mobile in relation to desktop computers. It is capable of distributing changes to statistics to customers without the help of developers it offers giant integration support with different frameworks.

  1. Nest.js

 When building active and scalable apps, this framework is useful for improving backend productivity its compelling cleanup and retention test capabilities make it the developer choice for growing server-facet networking programs. Its modular structure allows greater versatility, as well as a series of external bookcases for greater customization.

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  1. Feather.JS

 Feather.js has received an awesome marketplace presence fast due to its computerized REST API functionality. Using this, growing REST APIs may be very easy, and programmers don’t want to get in hassles.

  1. Hapi

The well-known open-supply net software Framework is available to customers for free this will ensure that the attributes are secure enough and will include built-in plugins as well. COM 2020 Estimates, One of the pinnacle nodes. One of the pinnacle Node.js frameworks is widely known for growing the REST API, laptop programs, proxy servers, to call a few. Besides, it could exclude the mission of unauthorized middleware.

When to apply it?

Hapi is ideal sufficient for the improvement of stable real-time scalable and social media programs. Image can handle differences and has a form of trapped middleware.

When now no longer to apply it?

Some developers can also additionally face troubles because of the Code Readability. So if you need to speed up the development process then you shouldn’t be using Hapi.


Modern possibilities are shifting, and as a result, Top NodeJS Development organizations pick quicker and more handy frameworks. As we’ve seen, Node.js can offer all the blessings to its customers, so if you’re now no longer already acquainted with it, it’s time to provide it a shot and experience an effortless app development process.