Top 6 Mobile App Retention & User Engagement Techniques

The stats referred to above display sincerely how agencies do not trouble to hold app customers after making an investment in heaps of greenbacks in mobile app launches. With the growing mobile app development cost, each commercial enterprise ought to maintain finances to use app retention strategies to benefit most ROI.

Understanding mobile app engagement metrics

The manner diverse customers have interacted with a mobile app makes you confirm the app’s success & failure. The better the consumer engagement, the better the success and success of the app, the more important the final touch of the goals.

1. Mobile app downloads

The better the no of mobile app installs, the better the no of customers for this mobile application which could be kept with many practices.

2. Session length

It shows the time customers are making an investment in the use of the mobile app.

3. Revenue for life

This shows the revenue a consumer has accrued since they started using the quit app.

Techniques for improved app retention & app engagement

1. Group analytics

 It is important to retain application customers and keep them engaged for an extended period of time. Figuring the app customers’ movements from the beginning can provide you with a clear view of the excellent capabilities of the app and those that prevent them from using the app. Assessing the special movements of the cohort organization inside a time body allows you to hold them higher.

2. Simple onboarding

Simplifying mobile app integration should be a business enterprise’s number one priority. The more customers face while using or signing up for an app, the better their chances of leaving that app. The mobile app designers also can offer a bit of function schooling for the app customers to apprehend the app’s functionality, however, it should not deluge them in any manner.

3. Using push notifications

Use of push notifications mobile apps uses push notifications to provide timely data to app customers, including retention charges. The app ought to provide push notifications every time had to the consumer as a welcoming technique to the app platform, offering them the applicable information, taking surveys, & extra. One ought to make sure that the push notifications must be presented instantly, and that they ought to be personalized as in step with the consumer’s behavioral pastime at the app.

4. Using in-app messages

Using in-app messages is one of the maximum beneficial techniques for consumer engagement and in addition to retention at the software. Most mobile apps with the very best client retention and engagement ship out well-timed and sizable in-app messages to maintain the clients withinside the loop. Apart from presenting a higher UI/UX, sending out vital in-app messages which include charge approval, charge denies, an order placed, order delivered, inquiring for feedback, and extra can assist the apps to hold the clients even as growing the engagement tenfold. According to the statistics, higher use of in-app messages will increase client retention by a complete 3.5% whilst in comparison to the app that doesn’t ship them out.

5. Customized user experience

Another manner of maintaining & attracting customers to an app is to offer them a custom-designed in-app revel primarily based totally on their app shop history, location, and extra. The customization may be static or dynamic primarily based totally on the app’s financial wishes.

6. Rewards & credits

This is useful for eCommerce apps that could offer bonuses, bargain coupons, credit, and extra to their customers to enhance average app engagement and get higher revenues. Providing blessings to consumers for sign-up referrals is another method of selling loyalty.


Since constructing a mobile app wishes numerous expenses and efforts, shifting the retention curve up ought to be one of the pinnacle priorities of a commercial enterprise even as figuring out the development path. The remaining intention is to transform the customers into long-time period clients, and a customized engagement & retention method can assist businesses to get there.