Automating Functional Testing Using Selenium

Ever in search of a silver bullet for automated trying out for web applications, many oldsters have become to selenium. One of the selenium’s desires is to turn out to be the defacto open-source replacement for proprietary equipment, which includes WinRunner of the specific interest to the agile community is that it offers the possibility of test-first design.

Automating your features and functional testing with selenium web driver

I have been running for a well-known online store for quite a while, and I always belonged to the second category: It turned into so thrilling to suppose of latest functions for the webshop, and I didn’t like at all going over all the preceding functions once more after every new software deployment.

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Best practices for using the selenium for test automation

Software developers have the advantage of using automation tools to execute test cases which suits, unlike before when manual testers used to slog via taking a look at script execution. However, the cause of automation functional testing is not to get away from the guide for checking out completely, however, to limit the test case counts that run manually. Automation testing checks multilingual web sites quickly and also increases the test execution speed. If you need to make use of the same test and the same code for different inputs, then you could rely on selenium.  It will allow both to build the team to make modified, which means you can use it for systems practical tests as well as browser compatibility checking out.

Software testing needs

Today’s world of technology is completely dominating by machines, and their behavior is controlled by software. At the end of the day, it is the software application’s success rate that is going to control your business growth. The same thing can be said even for web applications because most businesses today are completed reliant on the internet. For example, an e-commerce company. Be it Amazon or e-bay and they rely on the customer traffic on their web sites and traffic on their web-based mobile applications for business.

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Automation testing beats manual testing

Automation testing beats manual testing every time and because it is faster to needless investments in human resources, it is not prone to errors, frequent execution of tests is possible, supports lights out the execution, supports regression testing, and also functional testing. Suppose there is a login page but we need to verify all the login attempts are successful, then it will be really easy to write a piece of code that will validate if all the transaction and login attempts are a success or not automated test case execution. Moreover, these tests can be configured in such a way that they are tested in different environments and web browsers. Then you can also automate the generation of reports based on those results.

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Main features of Selenium and web driver

Printing methods will say that log degree is used for producing logs all through selenium testing. So, that’s all about the functions of selenium a very green device utilized in selenium, and the main feature of selenium are the integration of the web driver. It is designed to provide simple, concise programming and it permits a person to use a programming language of their preference to install writing and take a look at scripts and enables to use of conditional operations, looping, and other programming ideas which help to make test script robust. To write UI tests with a selenium web driver you want to perceive net web page factors rapidly and with accuracy.

Automating Functional Testing Using Selenium


As you are aware, technology is changed at a very fast pace. It has become a necessity to automatic the software to lessen manual efforts and make certain the excellent of the software program is maintained. There are many automation types of equipment to be had in the marketplace that promises identical outcomes for selenium.