How To Integrate Google Fit With Your Android App?

With the inflow of fitness aware customers, making sure that your health product gives you a holistic, incorporated carrier is developing ever greater crucial. Every writer of fitness-orientated software is nearly obliged to attach it to a health carrier to facilitate the seamless switch of information among various packages.


As is well known for Google’s server APIs, there are methods to talk with the server:

  • traditional REST API.
  • SDK, which connects to the server on its own.
How To Integrate Google Fit With Your Android App?

Google fit kinds listing

The preference among the specific relies upon the extent of technical sophistication of the SDK – if it’s superior enough, properly maintained, and documented, and it’s miles constantly greater handy to apply than uncooked REST endpoints. However, a few optimization techniques, specifically in the use of cached information, would possibly suggest that the information supplied through the SDK is much less dependable than obtained directly.

How To Integrate Google Fit With Your Android App?

Local storage vs Fit server

The overall performance and decrease server load, maximum API calls no longer connect with the Google Fit server, the use of the nearby save for analyzing and writing information instead. This is especially crucial to preserve in thoughts whilst trying out the software because with information sync no longer going on straight away, fake negatives may be reported. On the other hand, all nearby adjustments may be straight away, even though the tool doesn’t have a community connection at the moment this is an incredible answer overall performance, however by confusing throughout trying out.

Oauth 2. zero Playground

The function of Google APIs, in my view, observed especially beneficial turned into the opportunity of seamless online trying out of its REST APIs. Not only for Fit the listing is lengthy and simplest developing. With actual information, it lets in for brief verification of the saved information, earlier than writing a single line of code.

Recognizing custom sports

As is frequently the case, the software would possibly want to split the Fit sports created through it from the closing sports. There are techniques to attain that:

  • use the app bundle call.
  • use a completely unique interest consultation identifier sample.

That’s whilst the naming sample comes in set with the consultation identifier in step with the selected sample after which affirm, like below.

Data kind permissions

In instances whilst consumer’s privateness is an ever-developing concern, it’s miles an increasing number of crucial to assure that software will recognize approximately the consumer simplest as much as its miles required for it to function. It is totally viable for a consumer to desire to permit an app’s get entry to his primary organic information, however, withhold a few greater touchy information along with coronary heart rate.

Sensor’s information

The APIs that compose the overall answer, Sensors API are of unique importance.

In general, sensors on Android gadgets belong to a few categories:

  • Motion sensors – Degree acceleration and rotation alongside 3 axes.
  • Environmental sensors – degree i.e., light, temperature, atmosphere, or air pressure.
  • Position sensors – degree the bodily role of a tool.

The availability of sensor information relies upon the presence of sensors of various kinds in the tool, for this reason, they want to affirm that during your software, earlier than querying for the information.


In this, you’ve got found out how to hook up with the Google Play Services Fitness API and study health sensor information from the consumer’s tool. Even something as easy as step information to your consumer can show to be exceptionally precious for packages along with Android Wear watch faces or aim trackers.