Xamarin App Development Using Microsoft Azure Services

Mobile development is the new standard as desktop’s dominance is in slow decline. In C# and .NET developer communities, mobile development using Xamarin. Forms and Azure Mobile Apps is making cloud-based mobile applications development more efficient and convenient. Many of these applications are in use already. Instagram uses the cloud for photo storage while Facebook stores news feeds. Azure mobile apps connect mobile apps to essential cloud-connected technologies. Forms is a cross-platform UI resource, for development of native user interface layouts accessible across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. 

Xamarin app development


This technology for developing native applications using a single C# codebase. Layouts, buttons, sliders and other essentials here enhance the UI/UX. Xamarin.forms supports native development, which reduces limitations associated with other frameworks, such as limited APIs and browser sandboxing. The technology also facilitates easy access to APIs and other features of core platforms Xamarin. 

Azure mobile apps

There are those who argue that Azure Mobile Apps should not be considered mobile because it is an integration of several already existing Azure services: Web, SQL, Notification, API, Authentication exist within the portal, creating a cloud API backend, regardless of form factor. or equipment.Developing a mobile-ready website is not easy, and as any backend developer can attest, the cloud as a simplified ability to share data has created some challenges with interesting solutions in the developer community.

Why cross-platform native development is important?

Mobile is the new frontier, and with that effort comes cloud-connected mobile development. About 90% of smartphones in use today use the iOS or Android platforms. Although they are both completely different mobile operating systems, they use similar programming models. iOS is based on Objective-C or Swift. Java is the preferred development language for Android. Xamarin allows developers to target major platforms in a way that would not have been possible before. The mobile operating system that receives the new update must be compatible with the new system. This requires some development platform-specific risk that will affect multiple platforms. Rendering times can also be an issue. Cross-platform development for mobile devices can take longer because each individual operating system needs a separate set of code.


You will need an Azure account to complete most of the tutorials in this book. In fact, you won’t be able to get very far without one. If you have an MSDN account, you already have access to free Azure resources.