What Are Chatbots? A Simple Introduction

A chatbot is a computer program that conducts a conversation with human users. Aural or text-based methods a chatbot indulge human beings in a basic conversation. Used in messaging apps like Facebook, messenger, telegram, slack a user-friendly method to clear a question, get information, give simple a direction, or engage in a simple conversation.

Types of chatbots

Menu button

  • Menu button based chatbots a basic type of chatbots a currently implemented in a market. A cases chatbots are glorified decision tree hierarchies presented to app in the form of buttons.

Linguistic based chatbot

  • The type of a questions your customers may ask a linguistic chatbot may be the solution. An incoming query matches the conditions defined a chatbot, customers can immediately receive appropriate assistance.
  • The challenge is to ensure a permutation and combination of every question is defined a chatbot will not a understand your customer input.

Keyword recognition based chatbots

  • Chatbots use the app customizable natural language processing to determine a provide the appropriate response to the user.
  • Chatbots provide a question to users directly a chatbot’s menu buttons if the keyword recognition function returns poor a result or the user needs some guidance to find the answer.

Machine learning chatbot

  • Chatbot types use a machine learning and artificial intelligence to remember conversations with a specific user to learn and grow over time. A based-on recognition context aware chatbots a smart enough to improve themselves based on ask for it.
  • A chatbot will save data from each conversation and learn the user likes to order. The result is that eventually, when a user chatbot the regular order, a delivery address and payment information a like to repeat this order.

Hybrid model

  • Businesses love the sophistication of chatbots a talent or large volumes of data to support them.
  • The hybrid chatbot a model offers the best of both worlds a simplicity of rule based chatbots with a complexity of bots.

Voice bots

  • A made conversational interfaces a vernacular, businesses are now starting use a voice chatbots or voice bots.
  • A voice activated chatbot brings seamless experiences a directly to the end customer.


Gather customer insights

Companies thrive on customer data. The more data the better a serve their customers and be successful. Chatbots can be a big help. A interacting with any chatbots on the company page, you provide basic data such as user preferences, shopping habits, moods.

Long-term financial savings

Companies the human customer support teams a large amount of wages to employees. The company has to invest a lot of time and money in creating a chatbot the time of a chatbot to answer all the basic questions of the customers, take a lot of time for humans.

Increase in sales

A customers can get a instant support and solutions for using chatbots, while using agents takes longer. The customers receive such good service, a chance that they will be more loyal to the company, which will lead to increased sales.


Chatbots can only handle basic questions

Chatbot are still a core the technology a basic customer questions and provide a general information that is already available to them. A complex questions or answers outside of a question script and companies need human customer a service staff to manage them for them.

Chatbots are difficult to create

Chatbots a built using natural language processing a popular for customer support applications. A natural language processing is part of a machine learning and interacts with users in a text form and solves their queries. A requires complex programming and is not easy for businesses.

Chatbot requires constant maintenance

Companies just build a chatbot and leave the respond correctly to the customer. The company’s products change a overtime and advanced natural language processing a capabilities evolve over time. An addition to chatbot, a common customer questions need to be a regularly analyzed and identified and updated for a future customer.


A chatbots are effective humans in reaching a large audiences of messaging app. Potential to become a useful information gathering tool in a near future.