What’s Up With Spotify Wrapped?

In the digital age, where music has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of our lives, Spotify stands as a beacon of harmony, offering a treasure trove of tunes for every ear. This is not only a great feature for music lovers, but also a brilliant marketing campaign as millions of users worldwide share their listening habits. 

Spotify wrapped

What’s New?

Spotify constantly innovates, and each year brings new elements to Wrapped. From fresh visualizations to enhanced personalization, the “What’s New” section highlights the latest additions that make the Wrapped experience even more engaging and reflective of users’ musical preferences.


Audio aura

Audio Aura is a visual representation of a user’s music taste. It transforms their top genres into a vibrant, dynamic backdrop, providing a colorful and immersive way to engage with their music preferences.

Playing cards

Playing cards turn the spotlight on specific tracks and artists that defined a user’s year. Each card unveils a musical highlight, making the Wrapped experience more personalized and shareable on social media.


Blend allows users to create a collaborative playlist with a friend, combining their musical tastes into a shared soundtrack. It fosters a sense of connection through music, turning Wrapped into a social experience.

Spotify clips for podcasts

Spotify Wrapped now extends beyond music to include podcasting. With Spotify Clips, users can share snippets of their favorite podcast moments, adding a new dimension to the Wrapped experience and showcasing the diversity of their audio interests.

How to find your wrapped Spotify?

Simply log in to your Spotify account, navigate to the Wrapped section, and immerse yourself in a personalized journey through your year in music. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to explore your top songs, artists, and more.

How does it work?

Utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze your listening behavior throughout the year. It considers factors such as your most-streamed songs, favorite genres, and emerging artists, presenting a comprehensive overview of your musical journey.

Spotify’s design approach

The visually appealing and interactive design elements enhance engagement, turning a simple feature into a yearly ritual that users eagerly anticipate. The thoughtful design choices contribute to the overall enjoyment of the Wrapped experience.


With new features like Audio Aura, Playing Cards, Blend, and Spotify Clips for Podcasts, Spotify continues to elevate the Wrapped experience, making it more immersive and shareable than ever. The annual ritual of unwrapping one’s music highlights showcases Spotify’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.