Best Programming Languages For Developing Android Apps

Android apps, as we know, play an important role in our daily lives. Nowadays, most apps are now online and have android apps for their users. When it sees your emails, listening to music, sending text, or ordering food or other items, it all happens because of apps. In this article, we will talk about some of the best programming languages ​​for developing android apps.Below we discuss some Android Apps.

Developing android apps



Java is known as the official language for developing android apps. Java is being replaced by the short, secure language known as Kotlin. Java is an important language. Even Java seems complicated, but it is a good language to learn and use. Knowing Java can also help you understand concepts like Object Oriented Programming and provide you with JSP development tools.



Kotlin is now the official language of Android Application Development announced by Google in 2019. Kotlin is a mixed programming language that can be used as an alternative to the Java App for Android Application Development. It also eliminates the need to finish the entire line with semicolons.


Dart is one of the latest languages ​​developed by Google to improve the Android app. The stable version of Dart was released in 2021 and is currently the most popular on the market. Dart is often used to improve client applications. Its syntax is like the C-style syntax and supports object-focused programs. Dart syntax is simple compared to other languages ​​and is used to improve certain UI components.

C #

C # is also one of the most widely used programming languages ​​in android development. The syntax is very similar to Java, and C # provides garbage collection like Java. In the case of C #, memory will probably not be lost due to the outstanding garbage collection tool. C # could not significantly establish a stable position in android development due to a lack of platform support.

C ++

C ++ uses the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) to develop android apps. To build an app, you need both C ++ and NDK. The syntax becomes complex, and some of the elements require extensive knowledge of C ++ libraries.


This can be done using various tools that convert Python applications into Android Packages that can work on Android devices.


Lua is not very popular these days, but it is a great way to improve android apps. It is widely used with the Corona SDK which provides features to enhance native android apps.


JavaScript is very common with most web developers. It is widely used in web development, and many developers are familiar with this written language on the client side. JavaScript has several components such as React, Vue, and Angular. You can use these frameworks to improve android apps.


With this article, you have found programming languages ​​that help us improve android apps. You have seen how programming languages ​​work in the development of android apps. Going forward, you have seen the top programming languages ​​used for developing android apps. Later, you saw the details of each programming language and understood how those languages ​​are used in android development.