3 Smart Ways To Improve Workplace Time Management

Time management is using the hours in your workday to your full advantage. This means optimizing the amount of time in a day to be as productive as possible. Simply put, it is getting more work done, of better quality, in less time. It is coordinating your responsibilities to maximize your effectiveness and productivity.

Workplace time management

Time management important

Time management is important for several reasons. It means finding a strategy that is best suited for your personality in order to develop strong planning, evaluation and self-control. Using effective time management strategies means you will be more productive because you are more organized.

Benefits of time management

Feel like you have more time in your day. When intentional about where your time is going, you may find that you reduce unnecessary tasks, de prioritize work that doesn’t need to get done and accomplish things in less time.

Reduce stress. Without effective time management, it can feel you never have enough time at work. might feel you’re running around and putting out fires which can lead to increased stress and, ultimately, burnout.

Improve productivity. There are a variety of time management tips to help reduce procrastination and increase productivity. Identifying your main priorities for the just be more productive you can also feel confident that you’re working on the right things each day.

Break bad habits. No one wants to procrastinate. But over time bad habits can pile up and get in the way of high impact work.

3 Smart ways

Set weekly priorities

If you have regular one on ones with your manager, you can use these meetings to define weekly priorities and ensure that you’re using your time efficiently. A simple and great way to start is by making a list of tasks that require your immediate attention. Create a list at the end of every workday of the items you need to complete the next day.

Time block your schedule

After created your to list, Prioritize the order in which the tasks need to be completed by order of urgency. Then, block separate events in your calendar to work on those specific tasks. Time blocking helps avoid distractions and will keep you on track, even with a crazy schedule. Be conscious of which times during the day you are the most productive and use those times to tackle the most demanding tasks. Time blocking also protects your time from any interruptions so that you can stay focused.

Ruthlessly prioritize your time

Identify your best thinking time and prioritize it, meaning that time where you can reach that kind of flow state of thinking and ideation and coming up with ideas or going into the weeds on something.


The perfect time management strategy for yourself requires that you are in tune with your productivity at work and that you are able to acknowledge what is working and which areas could use a little work. With only a certain amount of time in our days, it is important to use our organizational to stay focused on the task at hand.