Why Use Elixir For Web Development: Pros And Cons

The evolution and studies of the programming languages are consistent from the improvement in the first stage of the programming language in 1942 to the improvement of open-supply languages, distinct generations of programming languages that have been described with distinct years of programming activity. There are lots of programming languages to pick from, so the fundamental query is which languages for unique challenges in PHP, Python, and Ruby are the famous programming languages that won a variety of traction.

Pros of Elixir for web development

Elixir is the fashion of the hour in programming languages. Better scalability, right compilation, and excessive availability deliver higher overall performance to this language.

Low latency

Elixir for web development gives low latency, so it’s far viable to technique a completely excessive extent of messages with minimal delay. This makes it viable to aid any operation that calls for close to real-time information this is unexpectedly converting. Low latency is clearly crucial for any machine and prices lots to enforce low latency in an already designed machine. Low latency additionally acts as a crucial issue in a set of rules trading.

Explicit coding

Coding completed in Elixir is good for specific and clean to understand. This is visible as a sign of remedy for the programmers used for running in ruby. The language has modern, easy, and syntax. As you could without delay uses the erlang libraries, that builders don’t want to address the unusual syntax of Erlang. So, it’s far viable to comprehensible code without the problems of decreasing the productiveness of the developer.

Power of erlang virtual machine

The base of Elixir is the erlang virtual machine, which is an effective digital gadget that has been recognized for its concurrency and different features. This platform has been around for more than 25 years and is a strong basis of amazing and rapid programs.

Powerful web framework

It is an MVC based framework and doesn’t compromise on maintainability and velocity. It gives a terrific toolset for programmers. This robust net framework is a massive benefit for programmers. The scaling of programs is clean with this framework. This framework has all of the blessings of Erlang’s surroundings.


Elixir for web development has excessive concurrency levels, so programs made in this language can deal with numerous customers at an identical time. As numerous methods are finished simultaneously, the machine advanced the usage of this language perform rapid and feature minimum lag. In this language, the concurrency version is based on communicating different methods of message passing.

Fault tolerance

The USP of Elixir is its provision for integrated protection mechanisms that assist in fault tolerance. It is tolerant to 2 principal styles of programming mistakes that make inside an app and troubles the app. Elixir has a compiled nature, so inner app mistakes may be handled. The Erlang virtual machine has the mechanism to isolate the modules that have mistaken. These mechanisms permit the products that even something is going wrong. When there’s a failure within the machine, methods alert to servers and structured methods in order that it may be immediately constant.


When a machine has low velocity, its outcomes in a waste of money, energy, and resources. Tests the overall performance of Elixir, which displays far quicker than Ruby and Phoenix. The velocity of a machine is a crucial issue for the consumer experience.


This language may be used throughout improvement for a distinct area of interest and industries. Programmers can use Elixir to create programs that have any complexity or any set of features. It is a specifically a proper match for initiatives requiring 

  • A lot of visitors and customers.
  • Concurrency.
  • Embedded machine.
  • Scalability.
  • Low latency.
  • Distributed machine.
  • Real-time programs like video chat, spontaneous messaging, real-time information seizes, and extra.
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Cons of Elixir programming language

Despite the energy of the language, there are a few obstacles to this language for cons of Elixir for web development which includes.

Required time for switching the new syntax

Elixir is a useful programming language that syntax appears clean to study and write code, programmers locate it hard to replace this syntax of programming in an object-orientated language.

Younger language

Elixir for web development is a younger programming language, It is hard to expect the destiny of this language and the way will it turn. Though it’s primarily based on a longtime and matured runtime environment, there are nevertheless possibilities that the language will evolve in numerous ways. So, the structures are advanced in Elixir which would require adjustments to maintain with the evolving adjustments to the language. The largest query is whether or not secure and dependable to move for Elixir. There is a lot of hype surrounding Elixir at the moment, so there’s no readability in this language is precisely going. Programmers can’t bounce into Elixir programming watching much like Phoenix or Ruby programming.

Knowledge of Erlang

Elixir makes use of the Erlang surroundings and runtime environment. Programmers can also without any delay for the distinct Erlang libraries from Elixir. So, the Elixir efficiently, the programmers want to have legitimate expertise in Erlang. If a programmer is new to Erlang, it’s going to take them a while to benefit from familiarity with the machine. It could make the studying technique even harder.

Limited network

Though Elixir is open supply, the network assisting this language is restrained. The network is for supportive desires to grow. So, the quantity of libraries and equipment for Elixir builders is likewise restrained as compared to different famous languages.

Raw CPU energy processing velocity

If your challenge calls for Raw CPU processing velocity or energy, Elixir might not be a great choice, if there’s a quantity crunching application, then you could want to apply a distinct language for that cause after which combine the code into Elixir.

Less calls

The call for Elixir builders within the task for the marketplace is low and expensive. Also, there’s a loss of skilled Elixir builders because the programming isn’t widespread. It will take time for the task marketplace to capture up. Even when you have an in-residence group of builders, there’s an unprecedented risk that they’re properly certified in Elixir. They will want to research the language earlier than taking on any Elixir initiatives.

The Cons of Elixir Programming Language


With the professionals of the language, it may be visible that Elixir applied for a big selection of initiatives. Its utilization isn’t restrained to any unique enterprise or area of interest. Since the recognition of this language has grown steadily. The adoption of this language is constantly growing, proper from authority’s websites to social systems like Pinterest. Elixir gives improvement velocity and overall performance, elements maximum builders appearance. Comments are supplied with the aid of using programmers is fine and motivating the different programmers to go into this language. Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and numerous recognized names have already grown to become Elixir.