Social Networking App Technology Stack: Features to Focus On

Social networking programs have grown to be an inescapable part of our lives. The energy of social networking is such that the wide variety of new users is anticipated to attain a few three billion through 2021. Yes, that’s around a 3rd of the earth’s complete population. Big and famous social networks consisting of Facebook and Twitter aren’t going anywhere. But peoples additionally use areas of interest on social networks for one kind of needs. Let’s learn about important features of the social networking app technology stacks.


The first aspect of new customers create on a social network platform is their profiles. For developers, which means a database with the private information of the customers is at the center of social networking app development. The simplest way to build a personal profile is to attach an app to social networks that customers are already in use.

For example, simple profile statistics may be retrieved through REST API calls from LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. As an alternative, customers can input an e-mail and password to signal up, however, this calls for greater time and effort, so peoples can be much less willing to pick this choice.

For example, there are 4 methods that your app customers can customize their profiles:

  • Photo results: Users can upload results to make their profile photos brighter and specific their thoughts. Facebook customers can upload custom frames to their photos.
  • Background colors:  To stand out, customers can personalize the appearance of their profile by putting the shades and style.
  • Customizable bios: With lively alternatives that show pastimes, hobbies, meal preferences, and greater. Customers could make their profiles handsome and display their pastimes and individuality.
  • Links: Users can upload hyperlinks to websites, blogs, and different social networks they use.


A feed is a need for social networking to be engaging. Content that suggests up in a feed may be shared through a social networking app, it helps users to generated stories, uploaded audio, videos, presentations, and photos. Content additionally may be curated through social networking app administrators.

1. What’s up?

This is the form of content material for customers to allow their pals to realize in which they’re and what they’re doing. The maximum unusual place of letting others to realize what’s up tagging a region. This can effortlessly be carried out with the assist of APIs and that can retrieve a device’s region from GPS and mobile network providers.

Location statistics may be used for monetization due to the fact with these statistics of social networking app developers can expect the capability of moves and primarily based on that advice, such things as coupons or live performance. However, there are developing worries over the dearth of privateness that controls in relation to the statistics.

2. Self-expression

Status updates, photos, and movies published to an app’s timeline indulge people’s choice to specific themselves. Most hit a social apps to do that subsequent to fulfill this choice:

  • Provide gear that makes person-generated content material appearance unique.
  • Simplify the manner of sharing content material.
  • Target particular audiences.

3. Self-esteem

This form of content feeds on people’s choice to appear good. It additionally lets customers get a few specific rewards for his or her activities. Special statuses, badges, levels, and tangible rewards like vouchers are one kind of method that an app can cause the not unusual social choice to be higher than one’s peers. The exceptional aspect approximately the shallowness form of content material is that it offers instant price irrespective of your app’s network size.

Social Networking App Technology Stack Features to Focus On


Whether it’s referred to as following, friending, or something else, there must be a manner for the customers of a social community to connect to every different. Let’s have a take a observe how you could assist customers set up new connections:

1. Content-based connections

Content is king, in particular in relation to developing audiences and constructing relationships. How precisely does content material boom connections in a social app? Through customers. Users construct connections through sharing and interacting with content material. However, customers have interaction with content material in methods. Here are 3 one-of-a-kind sorts of customers.

  • Explorer: These peoples want to find out content material, so that you must provide them more than one feeds. One of those feeds may also encompass the simplest content generated through the person’s pals, and some others may also function as trending content material that receives promoted throughout the complete community.
  • Talker: You guessed it! These oldsters like talking, so put into effect to assist them to inject their voice into the continuing communication and get attention.
  • Admirer: Do you’ve got pals on Facebook who like the whole lot they see? All people may be admirers from time to time. Favorites likes or retweets interactions on today’s customers are searching for. Favoriting different to people’s content amplifies the price of a put up and may incite someone who likes it to connect to the put up’s author.
  • Searcher: They’re near explorers however with one difference searchers realize what they’re searching for. Hashtags are an exceptional information feed sorting mechanism pioneered through Twitter. They paintings remarkably properly for developing a person following.

2. Groups

Public businesses are groups that collect human beings without unusual place values. Groups are approximately connections among human beings. They may be the principle attention of a social networking app, or they may be a further function. Alternatively, businesses in a social app can be constructed around non-person entities, consisting of organizations.

3. Events

Maybe connecting human beings can cross past virtual boundaries? If you’re thinking about the way to make a social networking app and hold it in contact with reality, an occasion-based app is probably an awesome choice. Sending occasion invites or the use of tickets as specific rewards may be a supply of sales for a social app and additionally a supply of recent connections for customers. In the age of the whole lot virtual, activities are an exceptional risk for an app to transport online communique into actual-global settings.

4. Social networks

With personal permission, connections may be mined from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and different famous social networks. Previously, Facebook allowed app developers to retrieve pal lists. However, you could simplest the ship to invite hook up with your Facebook pals who’re already registered within the app. As a work around you could create a web page for your app on Facebook and use it to ask human beings to download your app.

5. Address book

By connecting to an e-mail client, an app can allow customers to ship invitations to their pals. These invitations can encompass a template with textual content or maybe composed through customers. Click right here to peer the way to put it into effect on Android. For iOS apps, we are able to use a general MFMailComposeViewController() class.

6. SMS

The identical message with an invite to download the app may be dispatched through SMS to human beings from a person’s cope with the book. iOS gives a category named MFMessageComposeViewController()  for coping with textual content messages on iPhones and iPads. Click right here to peer the implementation of this capability on android.

7. Search

Social networking app commonly allows customers to seek usernames or complete names. But we are able to upload filters that slender down seeks results. These filters may also encompass region, gender, pastimes, jobs, or some other statistics related to a profile.

8. Recommendations

Based on the statistics at an app’s disposal, it could recommend new connections to customers. A social community must cautiously examine customers’ choices. Give customers a choice consisting of “I don’t need to peer this web page in recommendations” to ensure your social community gives an exceptional person revel in.

Social Networking App Technology Stack Features to Focus On


The maximum famous social networks like Facebook benefit a large bite in their cash from the information of human conduct and facts. Relevant facts will assist you benefit insights into your app’s overall performance and provide you with new thoughts on the way to decorate your app. All in all, social networking app improvement is a large deal. To get in the sport with fewer risks, we recommend which you begin with a smaller model of your product or an MVP, then paintings your manner to the top.