UX Quick Tip: The Proper Way of Handling Notifications

Similarly, product designers normally have a tendency to don’t overlook small but crucial UX improvements closing. As it’s far with empty states, designers are liable to leaving the layout of notifications indicators, mistake messages, confirmations, announcements, and acknowledgments till the very end. The problem can also add all of sudden come to mild while a developer asks, “How can we cope with errors? “Because it’s an afterthought, this tacking-on technique regularly produces sloppy “Franken designs,” which hurts the UX.

  • The sort of data being communicated
  • The urgency of the data whether or not it desires to be visible immediately
  • Whether consumer movement is needed because of the data

Better usability through better notification design

Notifications serve as a crucial feature in product usability. “Visibility of gadget repute” is primary at the listing of the “10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design” from the Nielsen Norman Group. The rule states that the gadget has to continually hold customers knowledgeable approximately what goes on, thru suitable comments inside an inexpensive time. A notification gadget is a lot a part of a virtual product’s UX that without it, the product could sense as though something become left out. If there’s no “visibility of gadget repute” and comments, it’s far corresponding to riding a vehicle without a dashboard.

Better Usability Through Better Notification Design

Establishing helpful notification frameworks

To design a notification framework, it could be useful to consider handling notification in phrases of “sign strength”. For example, interactions that can doubtlessly want “louder” notifications, and non-detrimental interactions want “quieter” ones. Sending the proper range of handling notifications is a balancing act, and overdoing it’s far fraught with peril; the product can also additionally get a whole lot of poor comments, or at worst, alienate human beings wherein they’ll abandon it. Designers, therefore, want to cautiously recall the UX and handiest ship messages with a well-described purpose. It’s additionally a very good concept to offer customers the ability to show off all, or at least a number of notifications.


  • Alerts.
  • Errors.
  • Exceptions.
  • Confirmations.
Establishing a Helpful Notification Frameworks


  • Warnings.
  • Acknowledgments.
  • Badges.
  • Status indicators.

Designing in great notification UX

To design a product with first-rate UX, designers want to make a listing of all of the use instances wherein notifications can be useful. It is usually recommended that this system can be achieved in collaboration with a developer as in maximum instances they may be independent and capable of assisting the troubleshoot instances. Designers have to additionally make aware of all interactions all through consumer trying out wherein notifications can also additionally offer the price for UX.

Mobile apps, no longer the handiest in-app notifications however push notifications, additionally want meticulously designed. They often interruptions, so it’s vital to study the handling notifications and the way while inviting permission to ship them. Used too much, they’ll discourage human beings from the use of the app. Designers additionally recall the actionable handiest notifications that permit human beings to be effective without starting an app. Enabling customers to perform small duties without going into an app may be an effective device in developing UX.

Notification in best practices for great UX

Observing the subsequent first-class practices will make sure that human beings will understand notifications as imparting price, no longer as interruptions, thereby developing the consumer enjoy. Before designing a gadget of notifications and setting them right into a layout gadget, recall those essential first-class practices:

  • Handling notifications by means of the 3 interest ranges mentioned earlier. Then, examine the taxonomy of the diverse varieties of notifications inside the ones 3 ranges.
  • When developing a fashion manual for the notification gadget, specify the most man or woman lengths for the notification in all languages wherein it will likely be released.
  • Pay unique interest in adaptability and versatility to deal with special content material kinds and textual content lengths.
  • Create a steady color scheme for the 3 interest ranges in addition to steady iconography.
  • Create concise, easy to study notifications that offer beneficial data.
  • Carefully recall what to ship and while to ship. On mobile, postpone sending notifications on freshly downloaded apps to keep away from alienating human beings. Examine the context and use instances closely.
  • At the aspect of displaying fewer notifications, whether or not they’re indicators or warnings, or different high to middle-interest repute updates.
  • Consider a gadget with a choice to mark notifications “do no longer display again.
  • For high-interest notifications on mobile, recall the sound and haptic comments while possible.
  • Ensure the right comparison on notifications for clarity and among the history on which the notifications appear. Be conscious that with fluid, responsive designs, the history can also additionally shift below the notification.


Notifications make contributions to the enjoyment that facilitate human beings to accomplish an aim and have to be dealt with like some other virtual product component. However, notifications can reduce each way. If dealt with well, they are able to enhance UX and help engagement, however, while finished poorly, threat turning into an annoyance.