Speed Up Your App Performance With Android Profiler

Android Studio is a segment referred to as Profiler. It can be lots of motives like awful CPU utilization, useless reminiscence consumption, terrible implementation of battery resources, and debug and conquer those issues, In this post, we can have an outline of Profilers.

A Profiler is a collection of gear to explore, optimize, and troubleshoot overall performance. The Android Profiler segments in Android Studio and better replace the Android Monitor gear. Android Profiler gear offers real-time facts to assist us to recognize how our app makes use of CPU, reminiscence, community, and battery resources. Let’s take a look at the Profilers to be had in Android Studio.

  1. Network Profiler.
  2. Energy Profiler.
  3. Memory Profiler.
  4. CPU Profiler.


To open the Profiler window, pick out View > Tool Windows > Profiler or click on Profile or the under icon withinside the toolbar. To check out the app, we want to construct and install the app. Android Profiler maintains to gather profiling facts till you disconnect the tool or click on End Session. The primary view of the Profiler suggests us the utilization stats of CPU, community, reminiscence, and power in real-time. Clicking on any of the charts takes us into an in-depth view of every segment. Let’s have an outline of what the Profiler segment looks as if and what it is composed of.

  1. Android Profiler suggests the system and tool presently being profiled.
  2. In the Sessions pane, pick out which consultation to view or begin a brand-new profiling consultation.
  3. Use the zoom buttons to manipulate how plenty of the timeline to view, or use the Attach to stay button to leap to real-time updates.
  4. The occasion timeline suggests activities associated with consumer input, consisting of keyboard pastime, quantity management changes, and display rotations.
  5. The shared timeline view, which incorporates graphs for CPU, reminiscence, community, and power utilization.

Network profiler

The Network Profiler offers a high-stage evaluation of the networking country of the chosen app. The Network Profiler shows real-time community pastime on a timeline, displaying facts dispatched and received, in addition to the cutting-edge quantity of connections. This helps show you have to take an observation and whilst your app transfers facts and optimize the underlying code appropriately. There is likewise a thread view in which we are able to see in which the paintings are being performed.

The graph suggests the real community pastime consists of bytes despatched and received. The graph continues on shifting if community requests are happening. In the pinnacle-proper corner, you may locate the zoom and pause button to check out a selected piece of code. After deciding on a part of the ph, it offers you the subsequent view.

Speed Up Your App Performance With Android Profiler

Energy profiler

Energy Profiler allows us to locate the issues that would reason power-associated issues. It visualizes the breakdown of apps’ expected power utilization of machine additives. The Energy Profiler video displays units of the usage of the CPU, community radio, and GPS sensor, and it shows a visualization of those additives that make use of everyone. We can check out history activities that can reason a battery drain. We can use the Energy Profiler to locate machine activities that can have an effect on power consumption, consisting of wake locks, jobs, and alarms, etc.

Speed Up Your App Performance With Android Profiler

Memory profiler

The Memory Profiler is part that allows us to become aware of reminiscence leaks and reminiscence churn which can cause stutter, freezes, or even app crashes. It suggests a real-time graph of your app’s reminiscence use and helps you to seize a heap sell-off, pressure rubbish collections, and tune reminiscence allocations. While growing our apps, we often come upon reminiscence leaks because of many motives. One of the maximum essential motives is unused gadgets no longer being rubbish collected. Even eleven though the Android machine takes care of those reminiscence allocations and rubbish collections, in some unspecified time in the future there can be a threat we would allocate extra reminiscence to a few gadgets.

This can also additionally show up even earlier than the rubbish collector cleans off the preceding gadgets which can also additionally reason freezing of an app, pass frames, or crash, etc. Sometimes, we can also add even eat reminiscence whilst the app is withinside the history country which, in turn, outcomes within the restart of the app with the aid of using the machine without resuming it.

Speed Up Your App Performance With Android Profiler

CPU profiler

Optimizing our app’s CPU utilization has many advantages, which include imparting a quicker and smoother consumer enjoy and keeping tool battery life. You can use the CPU Profiler to check out your app’s CPU utilization and thread pastime in real-time whilst interacting together along with your app, or you may check out the CPU Profiler’s Android information in recorded technique lines, feature lines, and machine lines.

Click at the document button with the aid of using selecting one choice from the drop-down. Interact with the app for a while after which hit the prevent button. The CPU Profiler routinely selects the recorded time variety and shows its tracing statistics withinside the hint pane. After recording the pastime, we are able to export the lines for later inspection. We can import the lines with the aid of using hitting the left-pinnacle menu.

Speed Up Your App Performance With Android Profiler


As a true, I recommended you to take a observe the Android Profiler extra often. I suppose this is a superb exercise if we care approximately easy consumer enjoy targeted the CPU Profiler. However, each a Memory Profiler and a Network Profiler that isn’t blanketed within the textual content also is really well worth searching. Recording reminiscence allocation allows plenty of locating leaks, e.g. blaming you for now no longer recycled Bitmaps. Anyhow, profiling the community pastime may cause a couple of optimizations aiming at decreasing battery drain.