Top AR Games like Pokemon GO In 2020

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality recreation which becomes released by the way of Niantic Studios, a few years ago. Just after the launch, the sport shook the complete mobile app gaming market. For starters, in Pokémon Go, you need to cross outdoor and look for Pokémon for the use of your mobile. Unlike conventional mobile video games, the sport recommended the peoples get out in their rooms and discover the sector around them. Soon, there have been a lot of human beings on Poke stops and different famous Pokémon breeding locations. This recreation becomes the factor due to which AR Games picked up a few steams.

List of best AR games

1.Harry Potter: Wizards unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the contemporary imparting from Niantic Studios and Warner Bros Games. The recreation is possibly the maximum comparable recreation to Pokémon Go. Players can go to the actual lifestyles places which casting spells, coming across mysterious artifacts, and encountering iconic characters and mythical beasts from the Harry Potter universe.


Ingress is some other AR games recreation evolved by the way of Niantic studios. The recreation makes use of your mobile app smartphone GPS to discover and engage with portals that might be in proximity to the player’s actual global location. The portals are actual global factors of hobby wherein human creativity and ingenuity is expressed frequently manifesting as public artwork consisting of statues and monuments, particular architecture, doors murals, ancient buildings, and different presentations of human achievement.


Zombies aren’t possible only a normal recreation, however greater like a healthy recreation. The surroundings are about around Abel township, a small outpost seeking to live to tell the tale of the zombie apocalypse. Because of its success, Zombies runs has become the highest-grossing health & fitness app on the app store within weeks of its preliminary release. It has additionally drawn reward for the manner its immersive storyline makes walking greater a laugh and educational interest for its style and mobile fitness applications.

4.The walking dead: Our world

The Walking Dead: Our world is one of the maximum top-rated AR games in each mobile app platform. It is likewise a Zombie-associated recreation. Players can combat walkers in actual global Augmented Reality that keeps the sector, to discover around them, shoot zombies and find out the treasured items.

Top AR games like Pokemon GO in 2020

5.Ghostbusters world

Ghostbusters World is an AR games recreation wherein you need to exit and discover the Ghosts in actual lifestyles. No that doesn’t suggest their draws for the real ghosts in case you agree with them. however, you’ll see them in your mobile tool. The recreation is affiliated with the Ghostbusters franchise so that you can see a couple of factors consisting of proton beams and dimensions.

Top AR games like Pokemon GO in 2020

6.Sharks within the park

Sharks within the park are possibly the sector’s first geospatial augmented reality recreation. It makes use of mixed reality motion AR games to create an immersive virtual world. Sharks within the park is a recreation to be performed because it is predicated on GPS and your tool should have a clear view. A large, flat park or sports activities discipline is right for taking part in this recreation.

Top AR games like Pokemon GO in 2020

7.Army of robots

Army of Robots is an AR games shooter, that recreates your smash robots that are invading your actual global. These robots got here with the best one intention: to put off all people and to take manage. The recreation may be performed anywhere, for your room, workplace, or maybe at outdoor locations like in your backyard. You need to factor your mobile tool within the route of robots, shoot them, and end them earlier.

Top AR games like Pokemon GO in 2020

8. The machines

The machine is one of the maximum polished and excessive photo AR video games to be had out there. In the machines, that could war your pals in a panoramic augmented global. There’s 3-d sound, graphics, and gameplay as a way actually you wow.

Top AR games like Pokemon GO in 2020

9.Angry Birds AR: Isle of pigs

We are positive that you’ve got performed with the angry birds at the least as soon as for your lifetime. This time, you could be a part of red, chuck, bomb, and the blues to keep the stolen eggs. Discover the far-off island wherein the grasping inexperienced pigs are having their holiday in over forty levels. During the gameplay, you could see the enormously sensible characters, at the side of the complete recreation, that overlaid onto your real surroundings, bringing angry birds to an actual-lifestyles that levels in a way earlier.

Top AR games like Pokemon GO in 2020

10. Arise

Arise is a recreation that could be very much like Monument Valley. You need to lead your pint-sized adventurer up to the stony flanks of a forged golem, the use of attitude and visible cues to move chasms and scale sheer cliff faces, and the intention to align magical connections and create paths. To recreation works on any flat surface. Then you could circulate around it and use distinct angles and attitudes to manual your adventurer.


These have been the top AR games. Telephones have emerged as a greater effect for each Google and Apple are imposing the ARKit on their platforms. We’re seeing a few honestly visually advanced video games. you could experience those extremely good titles.