Top 10 Node.js Frameworks

The marketplace is developing with rising technology and superior software. Different kinds of mobile apps have coded the use of a couple of programming languages including Android apps that are built with Java, iOS apps that are advanced with Objective-c, Windows apps use .NET, and more.


Moreover, Node.js is to run JavaScript at the backend servers, Backend services like APIs make use of Node to collect its offerings. These purchase packages like net apps interior browsers and mobile apps on mobile devices.

Why Node is special?

  • Great for prototyping and agile development.
  • Building first-rate speedy and quite scalable offerings.
  • Supports significantly used language JavaScript
  • Cleaner and extraordinary codebase.
  • Large surroundings of open-supply libraries.

1. Hapi.js

It is an effective and strong open-source top-notch Node.js frameworks for growing JSON API. Various key skills on the facet of entering the validation to put into effect caching, configuration based capability, mistakes handling, logging, and extra and the properly-advanced plugin gadget and make the Hapi one of the most desired frameworks.


  • Code reusability.
  • No outside dependencies.
  • Security.

2. Express.js

Express.js is a versatile and minimum Node.js framework that is mainly designed for building a single web page, multi web page, and hybrid packages that offer a strong set of skills for mobile app packages. Express has no subject item relational mapping engine.

Top 10 Node.js Frameworks

3. koa.js

Developed and maintained through the creators of significantly used Node.js frameworks are Express.js. Koa is a cross-platform server runtime surroundings software program, it is an item containing an array of middleware skills that can be composed and completed in a stacked way upon request making it much less for builders to collect fast and scalable community packages with JavaScript.

Top 10 Node.js Frameworks

4. Sails.js

The Ruby on Rails net framework evokes it, due to this emulates the acquainted MVC sample to collect single web apps, REST APIs, and real-time apps. Extensively makes use of code that permits for developing packages with a lot of good deals with much less writing of code. JavaScript library for together with real-time, bidirectional, event-based communication to packages and Express.js is one of the maximum famous Node.js libraries.

5. Meteor.js

It is a platform for developing the packages by using Node.js with any frontend framework like Angular, React, or possibly Blaze, it is a front-end framework. The database makes use of is MongoDB through default.


  • Zero configuration collect gear presenting code splitting and dynamic imports.
  • It is quicker because it comes with real-time skills.
  • Nicely blanketed frontend with backend.

6. Derby.js

Derby.js is an open-source, full stack framework for building a contemporary Real-time package. We can use NPM to characteristic skills and capability to a Derby project. Any library isn’t always loaded mechanically and isn’t always globally protected in Derby, and one has to require as they with any node.js project.

Top 10 Node.js Frameworks

7. Total.js

Total.js is a modular and contemporary client Node.js frameworks like Angular.js, Polymer, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, are genuine with this framework. This framework is extensible and asynchronous and gives first-rate standard overall performance and stability. It has NoSQL embedded in it and permits the array and wonderful prototypes.


  • Rapid help and computer virus fixing.
  • Supports RESTful routing.
  • Supports video streaming.

8. Adonis.js

Adonis is a node.js frameworks, that has a hardcore MVC structure, and its layout sample in which breaks the functionalities up into precise sections of the packages. Adonis makes use of the brink template engine, it is truly smooth to use.


  • It has its personal CLI.
  • Familiar with Laravel, so smooth to learn.
  • Validators are used to test if the information flowing into the controllers has the proper layout, and emit messages at equal time as a few mistakes occur.

9. Nest.js

Nest.js frameworks built efficient, dependable, and scalable server-element packages assisting developers to create modular, quite scalable, and maintainable servers with packages. The top-notch feature of Nest.js is it close by help for TypeScript, which helps you to get the right entry to optionally available static type at the aspect of strong tooling for large apps and the ultra modern-day ECMA script skills.

Top 10 Node.js Frameworks

10. LoopBack.js

LoopBack is a Node.js framework that permits you to create your schema or dynamic fashions within the absence of a schema. It is properly matched with a first-rate sort of REST offerings and a large kind of databases, on the facet of MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres, and extra.


  • Unbelievably extensible.
  • Graph QL Support.
Top 10 Node.js Frameworks


Learning new Node.js frameworks may be overwhelming and may require a whole lot of studies earlier than starting. The above stated Node.js frameworks are maximum popularly used and provide precise skills.