Things You Should Know About Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform is between those platforms which have made mobile application development simple and highly used between the coders. cross-platform development is to accomplish mobile applications that support a variety of operating systems.

Native app development vs Cross-platform development

First of all, native and cross-platform mobile apps are different development tools. Programming languages and development frameworks permit them to build apps with slightly different characteristics. Each native solution has segregated code for iOS, Android, and operating systems. Cross-platform development tools achieve us to build a software application that will work across multiple mobile application devices.

Things You Should Know About Cross-Platform Development

Reuse the code

Cross-platform development starts with the promotion of ‘write once, run everywhere ‘By creating applications for all three major mobile platforms, the developers can share up to more than 50 percent of the code.

Better growth compared to native apps

There is an intense growth in software development tools and applications for smart mobile devices. The suddenly massive growth in the mobile market motivated cross-platform software development environments that could make the development easier and more effective.

Wider audience

Many businesses struggle to pick the platform they want their applications on. However, the cross-platform app development approach makes it easy as it has a wider market reach, which allows you to target both iOS and Android platforms.

Reduce the cost

The use of a single code base across all platforms results in importantly costs reduction. Therefore, this advantage of cross-platform technology has the potential to create the future of cross-platform smart.

Things You Should Know About Cross-Platform Development

Famous frameworks

Below you can find a summary of some of the most relevant cross-platform frameworks you can consider, with some suitable features that can help you to choose one.

Cost efficiency

If you have a budget, developing native solutions won’t be a problem. But cross-platform apps are perfect for companies that want to test their product with many customers or don’t have enough money to develop native apps. Some brands will even prefer a cross-platform app thanks to its traits code that allows them to quickly implement changes and twin the app for more operating systems. when developing a cross-platform application, the team size is much smaller, it can be one more great way to consume some money.

Better development

Things You Should Know About Cross-Platform Development

The cross-platform approach to app development is considered to be one of the fastest methods for mobile app development. The use of single-source code across several platforms can reduce the development time by 650% and build the development process much faster.

Code consistency

The reusable code in cross-platform mobile applications is one of the most significant advantages. making an app for iOS & Android with a consistent code base is much more effective and allows more manageable future growth of the product. It prevents delays, too – because we don’t work with separate teams that usually produce a completely different code for native Android and iOS apps.

Things You Should Know About Cross-Platform Development

Larger market

Reaching a broader target audience is simple with cross-platform development. And that’s what you should aim for in your marketing strategy because device distribution is now much more diverse than it used to be. People use different operating systems, no matter what their location is a cross-platform app, you can offer your product to all of them.

Limited user experience

iOS and Android both vary in navigation, buttons, lists, and many more. Due to a single codebase, cross-platform development cannot take the benefit of all the native-only traits to limit the using the experience.


It is a product from Microsoft by Visual Studio. It permits you to make apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using a single .net code. has been taking the world. In its more than seven years of existence, it has grown to million developers across most countries and was acquired by Microsoft to become part of its Visual Studio environment. Xamarin makes the process of app development faster and easy to use. This makes Xamarin the technology of choice for more than 10000 companies in such fields as energy, transport, media, business, healthcare, and many more. We are going to look at some outstanding Xamarin application examples further.

Things You Should Know About Cross-Platform Development


Your mobile app desires to be had on as many systems as possible. But constructing separate apps for every platform may be a luxurious and time-ingesting path. That’s why you want to take benefit of as many cross-platform improvement pieces of equipment as possible. You must first consider your target audience before choosing any of the frameworks or mobile app development services, and then your project resemblance with them. So, first make up your mind, whether to go with a hybrid application system or a cross-platform app development.