Managed Services Can Help Stabilize Costs

Technology in the workplace is everywhere. Many organizations find that they are struggling to support and manage this proliferation of technology and provide support in a cost-effective manner.  It’s often impossible for an organization to keep up their staff up to date and fully covered for all the technologies that they have in daily use. To address this problem, organizations leverage ALI managed services that provide cost-effective IT support at a predictable monthly expense. Our experienced IT professionals and economies of scale provide tailored support, peace of mind, and improved efficiency.   

1. More time to focus on core

The knowledge, skills, experience, and ideas of employees are often the most valuable and the most expensive assets in an organization. Yet, when they have diverted with IT support tasks and troubleshooting on issues they may rarely encounter the real costs begin quickly to accumulate. ALI’s Managed IT Services enables your staff to focus on more valuable tasks.

Managed Services Can Help Stabilize Costs

2. Reduced costs & predictable operating expenses

Reducing IT costs is an important aspect of ALI managed services. We not only drive improvement through resource utilization, we often find reduction opportunities in other areas. As we see opportunities for cost reduction, we identify and communicate those recommendations.  In turn, those savings have reduced the budget challenges, raised confidence in IT ROI, and produced more predictable IT plans supported with real-time data.

3. Reduced downtime

Almost no organization can afford IT unplanned downtime, and those costs escalate rapidly the longer systems are down.  Network downtime is mostly an avoidable expense with the right preparation and best practices. ALI’s Managed Services proactively avoid downtime with strategies for system maintenance, security, backup, archiving, and disaster recovery. With our systems monitoring and 24×7 support response, downtime can be virtually eliminated.

4. Access to a depth of technical talent

Certain fields like legal, accounting, and IT are complex, rapidly changing, and require very specialized expertise. Missteps can be costly, but the right skill set can make all the difference. ALI’s Managed Services expands our clients’ technical depth with our broad range of skills on basic needs that would be otherwise cost-prohibitive. Additionally, our services can reduce or eliminate the costs associated with recruiting, staffing, training, and turnover for additional IT staff vacations, sick leave, emergencies, the impact of all of these challenges are minimized.

5. Economies of scale & purchasing power

ALI leverages aggregated for buying power and economies of scale for the benefit of our clients. Our Procurement staff has the expertise to deliver the best solution at a better price. Many clients love their personal support for their procurement specialist who works with them to provide quotes and options. Others prefer our secured web-based ordering system for researching, ordering, and tracking their IT purchases.

Managed Services Can Help Stabilize Costs

6. Improved productivity

Technology improves productivity by delivering communications, collaboration, and shared knowledge that allow employees to perform at their best. All often we see situations where productivity tools are purchased, but not properly deployed to gain their full benefits. ALI’s IT support staff makes sure that technology tools integrate smoothly and operate properly for each client.

7. IT complexity is made manageable

The IT network infrastructure has become increasingly complex; and end-users rely on expanding a variety of mobile technologies to work almost anywhere, anytime.  In spite of an explosion of technology being introduced into organizations, our managed services tailors solutions for each client to balance complexity with flexibility, availability with security, and do so within a reasonable budget. 

8. Flexible just in time project skills & resources

For those times when extra help is needed to get a project accomplished, we offer just in time project resources. We understand their needs and that can arise quickly. ALI has the ability to step in and get the job done without the delay and expense of hiring short term staff, or negatively impacting the morale or livelihood of your existing staff.   

9. IT becomes strategic

ALI’s managed services streamlined and stabilized with each client’s infrastructure with best practices, and augmented with regular system reporting. Our consultants are advisory resources, helping your plan for the future with real-time data about your network’s performance and usage.

10. Agility to grow while containing support costs 

Most organizations are looking to expand their reach and grow but without any traditional levels of IT overhead. ALI’s managed services leverage economies of scale and resource utilization to support growth while keeping IT overhead stable.

Managed Services Can Help Stabilize Costs


It is with controlled IT offerings that corporations may have to relaxed confident that their IT departments could be to have 24×7. This sort of enterprise version will cause extended productiveness and long-time relationships with vendors, suppliers, and maximum importantly, customers.