API Testing Useful Tools Postman Tutorial And Hints

API checking out beneficial equipment, Postman API testing tutorial. And, the tips API checking out enables observe software enterprise logic. It’s part of integration checking, and no great guarantee technique is whole without it. However, guide API checking out is quite a tiresome technique. So, QA Engineers frequently select to automate it every time appropriate. Now, APIs are numerous checking-out automation equipment and strategies available. However, The API likes to walk you through some of our maximum favorite ones that will help you store time and obtain higher results.


Application Programming Interface (API) is fixed of rules, methods, equipment, and protocols used. Whilst constructing all mobile applications. In different words, API is a manner for exceptional software program additives to have interaction with every program. API reduces improvement time and presents builders with getting the right of entry to some sensible functions and services.

The majority of mobile apps have 3 layers to them:

  1. Database, in which facts are extracted and saved in databases (DB).
  2. Business Logic is included APIs’ primary functions are facts processing among exceptional layers, logical selection making, and alertness management.
  3. Presentation, which represents a person interface (UI).
API Testing Useful Tools, Postman Tutorial And Hints

Why is it important to check APIs?

We check APIs to enhance software check insurance at the Business Logic layer. Testing APIs is essential, due to the fact on every occasion to don’t paintings nicely. The main troubles may also arise in software logic, performance, and security.

API testing tools

There are 3 broadly famous API check-equipment: Postman, curl, and SoapUI. A Postman API testing is an effective device used to check internet services. Therefore, It is turned into advanced for sending HTTP requests in an easy and short manner. A curl is a command-line device used to supply requests thru HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, LDAP, DAP, DICT, TELNET, and RTSP protocols. And finally, SoapUI is an unfastened device used to check SOAP and RESTful Web Services. Of course, all in a single sitting, however, API is a simply an excessive amount to read. Therefore, we determined to most effectively let you know approximately Postman API testing this time, as it’s honestly effective, and we individually adore it.

Postman API testing 

Postman gives an easy person-pleasant interface. So, to ship an easy request, one most effective wish to go into it. And fill within the important headers, pick the HTTP method, and the ship button.

API Testing Useful Tools, Postman Tutorial And Hints

Postman scripts are a great feature

Absolutely, one of the wonderful functions presented through postman is the cap potential to create personal JavaScript check codes that validate separate API responses. For example, the ones new to writing check scripts, postman presents code snippets with validations for reaction time, reaction code, etc. Postman API testing additionally helps pre-request scripts that are executed earlier than a real request has been sent.

Postman collections

Accordingly, collections are some other precious characteristics in Postman. Thus the postman permits organizing all requests into separate folders to essential as an increasing number of checks and run. It’s additionally feasible to keep collections within the JSON layout and import. A smooth manner to create a set is to click on the create a collection button it is placed at the left panel and fill within the series call and description.

API Testing Useful Tools, Postman Tutorial And Hints

Building blocks of postman

Before checking out an API first, we can see a few constructing blocks of the Postman tool are crucial for each Postman operation.

  1. Requests.
  2. Collections.
  3. Environment.

1. Requests

A request is an aggregate of the URL, HTTP headers, Body, or Payload. In the postman device, totally you could keep your requests and use withinside the destiny primarily based on your wishes.

2. Collections

Collections are a set of stored requests you could prepare into folders. We can name it a repository to keep requests.

3. Environment

Environments in Postman permit to run requests and collections in opposition to exceptional fact sets. We should have exceptional environments for Dev, QA & Production. Each environment can have exceptional configurations like URL, token’s identity notification and password, API keys, etc. Therefore, Environments are key-fee pairs of variables. Each variable call represents its key. So on every occasion, Hence, we reference a variable call then it lets get the right of entry to its corresponding fee.

How to parameterize requests?

Want to parameterize postman requests, So, need to do it as follows. Data Parameterization is one of the maximum beneficial functions of the postman. In many instances, use equal request in a couple of instances with unique facts. Using parameterization, it will use variables with parameters. And then keep the facts in a surroundings variable or in a facts file.

Testing automation with postman monitor

Our third favorite characteristic is the Postman Monitor. It will jogging collections robotically with set up periods of exceptional areas all around the world. QA Engineers create check scripts, upload to collections, and create Postman monitors. Thus, the postman allows the engineers to reveal. Whether  API endpoints perform well and go back to applicable information to a result saving time and effort.

API Testing Useful Tools, Postman Tutorial And Hints

Automatization with newman

Another Postman device for check automation is known as Newman, the automation is a command-line series runner. Newman should be used. Whilst there’s a combined check with Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Travis CI, or every other code deployment pipeline device.


I desire you’ve got found a way to set up a postman and create easy requests and test the reaction time and different information. And additionally found out a way to run collections the usage of collection Runner & Newman.