Four Ways An Outsourced Agile Product Owner Delivers Value

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Define your higher-level requirements

Before barking on any agile initiatives, define your higher-level requirement. This will help you in determining scope and resource needs. There is a complexity cost, so look closely at what product you want to deliver to your customer. Simplify and scope down wherever possible to focusing on the features that will drive customer’s adopting and retention. By only onboarded the resources you need to develop a minimal viable product that satisfied your clients and product stakeholders, you can go to market faster and begin the drive.

Four Ways an Outsourced Agile Product Owner Delivers Value

Vet your outsourced agile product

You outsource partners should do not more than just provide you with a few developers. They need to embody the agile mindsets, not only provide you with purpose-built teams but also serve as a collaborative partner who is focusing on your success. Your agile teams should embed themselves within your organization quickly and collaborate easily with an internal team. They must also have a track record of delivered value in short periods of time. Finally, they should be work within the same cadence, tools, and platform as your in-house resources – participated in retros, daily standups, and program incremented.

Four Ways an Outsourced Agile Product Owner Delivers Value

Agree to team composition

Work with your agile partner in determined the size and skill composition of your teams. In our experience, a standardized scrum team comprised of six to nine people is optimized. Our clients rely on us to the provided purpose-built teams that seamlessly fit into a scaled agile environmental base on their specific needs. Some agile partners will promote their development by having a cross-domaining expert so they can swarm to assist agile teams member to remove obstacles during the development process.

Outsourced Agile Product

You need to determine the apps you are developing and conducive to swarming. For example, web and mobile application developers and should be done together. Yet, in the case of an AI solution, it may be more efficient to have a team focusing on big data while another is in charge of data analytics.

Minimize the friction in setting up the developers environment

There are not standardized development practices that allow for effective collaboration across time zone and locations. The only way to find the best available set of processing and tools for the particular project and team. Distributed teams rely more heavily on processes and tools. The project lead should be providing the teams with direction and guidance, and ensure the team has the right tools in place to do their best work and focus on delivering value for the customers and the business.

Four Ways an Outsourced Agile Product Owner Delivers Value

Agile changes the traditional product manager role

The product owner role is time-consuming at sprint planning, the product owner presents to developers the stories to work on in the next couple of weeks. During the sprint, she monitors progress, clarifies story details, validates completed stories, and researches stories for the next sprint. For most products, this is more than a particular time job Products management consulted companies have estimated the product management workload to rise by about 50% when software teams.

Four Ways an Outsourced Agile Product Owner Delivers Value

Avoiding the single biggest pitfall

When teams adopting agile, the product manager is often not part of the first pilot in which developers’ teams are getting used to agile practices – from short time boxes to the continuous integration and test-driven development. Once the developer team is familiar with these key development concepts and starts delivering better software fast, they then want to make sure their effort leads to these values to users, products owner role needs some “real” than when the traditional products manager is usually pulling in to join the most common scenario is that the product manager fully embraces her new product’s owner role, learns to write good stories, and gets to know her developer’s email coach who prevented natural finger-pointing that may happen after so many years of collaborating. However, this leaves no time for the traditional product management tasks, so those fall by the waysides.

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The risk is an incredible product development team delivering software that is launched at the wrong time, with the wrong price, with sales and supported poorly enabled, and, as a result, unable to reach the targeted audience and bring the expected Software failures are more often market failures than developer failures, so only staffing the product owner role with not product management resources left to accomplished the most needs strategic product management tasks runs the risk to fail at delivering solutions.