Mobile Location Tracking App for Salesforce

You have a patron who’s a common tourist and you’re looking for a gorgeous smartphone wide variety tracker to hint at their place. You deliver out your mobile and get a one-shot view of the patron’s smartphone wide variety place with one of the first-class smartphone monitoring apps, thru the smartphone wide variety tracker’. The works as a plug-in for businesses that have Salesforce integration. It refines Sales sellers’ lives via way of means of streamlining the name-and-join procedure.

Mobile location tracking app has collected big-name critiques on AppExchange due to its maximum famous features, which are:

  • It’s clean to navigate UI.
  • Time control and accuracy.
  • Seamless place monitoring function.

Configure the first-quality Mobile location tracking app within the salesforce marketplace to smoothen your patron’s smartphone wide variety monitoring revel in 5 easy steps:

  • Install.
  • Register.
  • Customize web page format.
  • Track place.
  • Set up in lightning.

Features of mobile location tracking app 

Track mobile number location with details

As a top salesforce companion, salesforce consulting corporation created the mobile tracker as a software app to music mobile wide variety place for Salesforce customers or income sellers who works for distinctive organizations mobile location tracking app lets your lead’s place and timezone throughout by means of tapping into their smartphone numbers.

Edit and customise pages

As you may see, mobile location tracking is designed as a smartphone to provide you revel in just like that of the first-class smartphone monitoring app through its clean and intuitive person revel in, smartphone wide variety tracker is self-explanatory and you may without problems. So, now you already know approximately the gadgets you may use to control calls with a patron.

Track with one shot visual cues

Along with the One-Shot replacement of the smartphone, you may additionally get a visible replacement of the place through a developed map function to control time and resources.

Time particular for sales sellers

Designed because of the first-class mobile tracking app for income sellers and salesforce consultants, a mobile location tracker app allows you to streamline the procedure of calling and following up with clients. As an agent, you may additionally ship emails at the proper hour after the use of the smartphone wide variety tracker to find the time quarter of a contact.

Built with two salesforce components

  • Save time – Save time while you’re approximate to name a vintage or potential customer.
  • Verify more– Let’s you affirm place, timezone, and contact numbers.
  • Search instantly – This is achieved by setting the lightning thing on any of the pages can continue to look at any smartphone wide variety or geographic element.


  • Mismanaged calling time: Due to the fact now with the patron’s place and time quarter availability, income sellers will no longer move amiss on this
  • Confusing data stack mobile tracker lets you look at a one-shot-view of all info essential earlier than creating a name.
  • Drawn-out excavation process with the mobile location tracking app, it helps wide variety place or a patron’s info by means of the use of the lightning thing of the web page of your choice, in a jiffy.