The Best Health Apps For Android And iOS 2023

Today, it is possible with health applications, transformation in the healthcare industry and fitness. We have all been in gym membership for some time or sometime in the year. But we are never inclined to go along with it. We often need to be promoted when exercising or storing food to maintain our stamina. Below we discuss some Health apps. 

Health apps for android And iOS

Sleep Cycle: Sleep recorder

The human body needs sufficient rest to continue functioning. Sleep is the best way to keep the body relaxed and thus live a healthier life. However, stressful life-style has disrupted mankind’s sleep cycle. When we wake up, dizziness and fatigue still linger in our minds and bodies. So, this app called Sleepcycle records all your activities while you sleep. The best feature is that the app wakes you up in the morning when you are a little sleepy. It helps to give a fresh and lovely start to your day. Rate 4.7 / 5

MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter


If you want to lose weight, MyFitnessPal can be your constant companion. Like your fitness diary, it will keep a complete record of your calorie intake and burn. You can easily find out the total amount of nutritious foods in your diary. It will tell you about the calories you burned in a workout. Average 4.2 / 5


  1. Large food database.
  2. Calorie tracker.
  3. Personal dashboard.


If you are looking to track your diet and analyze what nutrients you may be lacking, this app can help you get rid of it. It is like a food diary, thanks to its easy-to-use tracking website that pulls on almost any food or drink you may be eating and combines all of its nutrients into the bat.

Users can also set personal goals, and the app will make suggestions and send reminders throughout the day to ensure you make healthy choices, including drinking enough water. There is also a community section that will help you promote and introduce you to like-minded users.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

To help you give a good start to your workout journey, this app provides a diet and exercise program. The forum aligns your exercise program with your fitness goals and gives you complete guidance on hundreds of exercises. Whether you go to the gym or not, the app keeps you informed of your health 24 * 7. Average 4.0 / 5

Have fun

According to this study, stress is one of the leading causes of death among people such as heart disease, lung cancer, cancer, cirrhosis, accident and suicide. Therefore, Happify is specifically designed to maintain a focus on stress management and promote better emotional health. The app does just that by providing science-based games and activities paired with the sound of relaxation and meditation.

Health Friend

You can use this app to keep your body fit and healthy. Health Pal helps you to record and manage your daily activities such as exercise, calories, walking, and water consumption and thus helps you reach your fitness goals faster. Includes water and food reminders. It also provides your health reports and real-time status of your daily activities.


With Aaptiv, you can run anytime, anywhere. Gives you access to sound quality classes led by certified personal trainers. It will keep you motivated to train and reach your fitness goals faster. The app comes with thousands of exercises from running to elliptical to strength training and more. They also add 30 new classes each week so you can keep your interest working. You can also select your level of eligible classes: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. You can use this app offline.


The human body is made up of 75% water. This statement has been heard from our childhood. Everyone knows the normal need for water in their body, but this busy lifestyle does not allow a person to consume enough of this fluid. So, Waterlogged is an app that always reminds you to have a glass of water. This app protects you from diseases such as dehydration, constipation, dull skin, and fatigue by frightening you with water.


If your day starts or ends with Yoga, you should have seen its benefits. This app takes your Yoga experience forward. For beginners, the app introduces what Yoga is, and for the experienced, it teaches a new form of yoga. Users can choose experience level, Yoga style, and class length. The app gives you custom and unique ways, so you don’t get bored.

HealthTap app


A great telemedicine app that helps users consult a professional doctor instead of searching on Google and wasting time to know their health conditions and test results. The app allows 24/7 access from tablets. If a user has eligibility criteria or is facing any problem by disclosing his or her identity to other sick people, then with such mhealth apps, he or she can take advice from a doctor anytime, anywhere. By using HealthTap, patients can obtain the necessary medications related to allergies, aches, pains, or resolve their cardio, carbs, and cholesterol problems using visual appointments such as the schedule available on the app or site.


If you are looking for advanced health apps or want to build a new one, you may have some useful data that you can use to make decisions after reading this article.