9 Essential Steps To Successfully Interview Developers In 2023

When you think you’ve found a suitable profile, it’s important to have a solid developer interview process. I spend a large part of my time conducting such interviews. Both for our own rapidly growing team of in-house developers and for the entrepreneurs we work with who require a dedicated team.

Ask targeted questions and find a connection

When I interview developers, I like to start by asking where the person is originally from. It also opens the possibility to compare customs and cultures and start getting to know each other. Putting some thought into asking the developer you’re interviewing a targeted opening question will allow you to quickly develop that all-important rapport.

Direct the conversation clearly

After the warm start, it’s important to take control and direct the conversation so that time is not wasted. I usually do this by outlining the purpose of the conversation to the developer. I then tell the developers that I will also ask them about themselves, their skills, and the opportunities we may have for them.

Tell your startup story

When I interview developers, I always use this moment to tell them the story of my startup. This short introduction will set you up nicely to sell them your startup. As with early adopters and investors, you have to sell them the vision.Personal interview If you pass the interview steps above, you may be invited to an on-site or virtual interview. You will meet more people in the company or online to talk in detail about your skills and experience.


This step involves rigorous and fair assessment of applicants through online assessment. The type and number of assessments is determined by the role the applicant has applied for.

Assessment of work style:

  • These ratings revolve around Amazon’s culture and leadership principles. You may be given some statements and asked to choose how well the statements represent your work style.
  • Job Sample Simulation: In this, candidates are given virtual tasks related to a particular position. For example, candidates may be asked to make decisions based on Amazon’s leadership principles and demonstrate problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Virtual tasks will depend on the role you are applying for.

Discuss potential roles

Now that you know the developer’s technical experience, expectations, ambitions and ideas, it’s time to match them with what you can offer to meet them. Share the roles you think would be a good fit based on the information he shares with you. Then it’s time to talk about your startup one more time, specifically sell it to them.

Explain the next steps with Clarity and Transparency

Finally, it is important to close the conversation clearly and transparently.

In my experience this can go one of three ways:

  • There is no opportunity for them now, but maybe there will be in the future. In this case, document the conversation and keep a developer file for future reference – as I mentioned, I’ve often returned to profiles after they’ve been inactive for years.
  • The conversation resulted in a mismatch of technical, or worse, soft skills. Lower them gently but firmly.

Outline the progression model and technical environment

Before closing the conversation, let them know the progression model you’re using and the technical landscape as a whole. It’s a good idea to mention them and have them outlined in your presentation. This will help the candidate to clearly imagine what it would entail to work with you in the long term.

Describe the lifestyle

It is important to describe the day by day. More than that, it is important to outline all the benefits like extra vacation days, comprehensive health insurance, education budget so that the developer can further their skills to get an idea.


The path to successful developer interviews for your startup is a combination of art and science. That being said, as with all aspects of your startup, a process-oriented mindset will help increase your chances of success.