Advantages, Disadvantages and Features of Oracle Database

Oracle Database, now in edition 19c, was introduced by the vendor as a leading website in the industry bringing new innovations, including machine learning to enable self-driving data management. A business, a cloud-based cloud service, is designed to support mixed workloads with any deployment strategy, buildings or cloud.

How does the Oracle Database work?

Oracle Database, like most RDBMS, uses standard programming language for SQL to build website structures, manage records, perform actions, or retrieve content. Oracle programming language PL / SQL, too, is closely related to SQL and allows you to add Oracle program extensions to SQL. To set up websites, Oracle uses row and column tables where data points are linked by attributes. This creates a cross-table

The Oracle web application architecture consists of a database archive, one or more examples of database management, and one or more listener processes that link client clients to website environments. Here, logical and physical data structures are subdivided into Oracle databases. These include physical and virtual storage structures:

  1. Portable storage structures: Data files, control files, and red log files.
  2. Logical storage structures: Data blocks and tables, degrees, segments (size of records) and table spaces (logical component containers).

Oracle’s clear data structure ensures that data is handled reliably with high security measures due to data and network encryption, robust authentication, authentication, and authentication analysis. In addition, Oracle supports Java and restores Java applications via PL / SQL.


Some of the benefits of Oracle Database include:

  • High compatibility with all forums and applications
  • Support from all major software vendors and computer hardware
  • Different versions from free to business level
  • Widely used in the IT business sector
  • Voluntary use of Oracle Cloud Database to remove and automate site management
  • A closely related website management system
  • Large community of developers and high-quality Oracle support
  • Strong security and privacy features.


  • Extensive SQL knowledge and management information on site management is a prerequisite for the local Oracle version
  • Oracle licenses are expensive.
  • High computer hardware requirements for local version

Other Oracle Database alternatives


If Oracle Database is not your choice, there are several other web site management options to choose from. SAP and IBM are among the most well-known web application providers besides Oracle:

  • IBM Db2
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Azure SQL website

Oracle Database Features

Oracle Web site provides the following functionality to meet the needs of a successful website management


  • It is important that real-time applications have a high level of data availability. When optimizing computer systems, it is done to ensure that data is always available. Data acquisition is monitored during scheduled and unplanned failures and closures.

Measurement and performance

  • Oracle website rating is developed with technologies such as portable and Real Application Clustering. Controlling data compatibility and compliance on a multi-user website, as proposed by Oracle, is required.


  • The most important thing to always consider is safety. Oracle has its own procedures for monitoring and controlling access to and use of data. By establishing permissions and modifying users’ activities, you can simply block illegal access and grant different access to users.

Restoration and maintenance

  • It is designed in such a way that it can fully recover from any type of failure. loss occurs, it is important that the website is restored as soon as possible in order to maintain high availability. Affected data categories are retrieved, while unaffected data segments are still available.


Safety should always be a major concern. There are specialized methods provided by Oracle to monitor and control access to and use of data. You can easily block unauthorized access and allow separate access for users through authorization and scheduling user actions.

Copy of archive and return

Its structure is designed in such a way that it can be completely restored in all kinds of failures. In the event of a failure, the discovery of the site needs to be done in a short period of time in order to achieve high availability. Affected pieces of data are recovered, while unaffected parts of the data are still recovering.

Database design


It is important to know when to deal with the oracle database. You need to know exactly how to use the database structure. Also, you should know the concept of DBA normalization. Before using an oracle database, one should make a good practice. The main use of website design is to improve the overall speed of access to the website.

Tuning and Caution

Well, there are many different problems that exist that affect the performance of the same data. If you are a new user of the oracle website, then you should know all the problems that exist and find solutions to remove all those problems.


Moreover, there are many other things also present that play a good role in the entire concept. One should also know all these things to make full use of the Oracle database in their business. Some of the main things are like they have to know wizards and command line; they require proper command on SQL and PL/SQL and many more as well. With you can get the best possible database services.