4 Of The Most Effective Personal Safety Apps

A London based mobile app development company has created a personal safety app called Circle. Circle is an app built for London to keep you safe in the city, but what about other people who don’t live in London who also value their personal safety.

Effective personal safety apps

Watch over me

Watch over me is a fantastic personal security app. You can set timers for how long the app watches you, and there’s an I’m safe button that you have to press before the time runs out to let the app know you’re really safe. It’s mostly marketed to girls but I highly recommend this app to anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, it’s still a great app. Watch over me is a free app but it also offers a paid option for $4.99 per year where it also works offline via SMS and the best part is that you don’t have to pay for a single message that the app sends.


Stay Safe is another app that turns your mobile into a powerful security and GPS tracking tool. When you turn on tracking mode, you enter the amount of time you expect to be alone and what you’re doing, so if you’re walking home and expect it to be 20 minutes, the app will track you for that long. This app is very detailed in what you can do for example if you’re getting into a taxi by yourself and expect it to take 50 minutes, you can set that, but you can also set the arrival point and even provide the taxi’s license plate.

Submit help

Submit Help has a very simplified concept built for speed and ease of use. Send Help also allows you to customize your help message, post your location to Facebook and Twitter, and even provides a link to Google Maps for your location. The design is simple, just a panic button that you press to send an alert and it’s completely free.


Eye Watch is easily one of the best apps for personal safety as it has many features for different scenarios. As with all apps, you can send alerts, GPS tracking, etc. to emergency contacts if you’re in danger, but Eye Watch also offers help for medical alerts, personal alerts, travel alerts, and safety alerts. With the latest versions, it also offers the option to report directly to the authority, and they even have a female version of the app that includes sexual harassment alerts. The app is completely free to use and is one of the higher rated ones in the app stores.


Despite the apps claiming to increase personal security by offering quick and easy communication, location tracking, alarm services, and evidence recording, user reviews indicated major concerns about the apps’ unintended damage, low reliability, and potential for abuse.