Top 6 Usability Testing Methods

Usability testing out refers to comparing a service or product with the aid of using trying out it with consultant users. Typically, at some point in a test, members will attempt to finish regular responsibilities even as observers watch, pay attention, and takes notes.  The purpose is to pick out any usability problems, acquire qualitative and quantitative records and decide the participant’s pleasure with the product.

Usability testing methods

Phone interview

A smartphone interview is a far-flung usability check wherein a moderator verbally instructs contributors to finish obligations on their tool and comments are amassed automatically.

When to use

Phone interviews are an outstanding manner to gather comments from check contributors scattered around distinctive elements of the globe.

Card sorting


Card sorting is an outstanding technique for prioritizing content material and capabilities in the person interface. The approach is quite simple- all you want to do is domain concepts on playing cards and permit check contributors to govern the playing cards into organizations and categories.

When to use

When using tab sorting is ideal when you need to fine-tune your product stats structure before creating a lofi mockup using a wired device by getting comments for your navigation structure, you’ll be capable of making greater facts-knowledgeable decisions.

Session recording

Session recording is a technique of recording the movements that actual customers take even as they have interaction with a site. Session recording facts make it easy to learn which content/skills are the most exciting for customers. In addition to the interaction issues that customers face even if they interact with your product.

5-Second test

This kind of qualitative studies consultation lets an enterprise gather a sizeable amount of qualitative facts about a person’s first impressions and reactions to the layout.


The eye monitoring website usability trying technique observes a person’s eye movement through a student tracking tool. It analyses wherein a person clicks or hovers on while requested to finish an assignment thru generating laptop heatmaps or pathway diagrams. In this manner, an enterprise can decide which part of a website is the handiest in shooting a person’s eye.

Screen recording

This type of usability testing technique uses software to flag the movements of contributors who appear remotely obligated.

What’s the distinction between A/B trying out and value trying out?

Many UX experts remember A/B trying out as usability trying out the technique it’s crucial to apprehend that usability is all approximately having people revel in a product’s functionality. And as we know, A/B trying out is set experimenting with or greater variations of a web page/display screen to peer that’s handiest.


It’s vital to pick out the technique which you suppose can be suitable to your mission and be bendy sufficient to extrude the course if needed. Discover greater recommendations and great practices in the UX layout method here.