Video Streaming Application Development: 12 Key Features, Architecture, and Cost

The on-demand video streaming apps, television has become a thing of the past. These are attractive to users because they can have full control over the videos and can watch shows and videos of their favorite content without interruption. Many people have already lost interest in the big black box and are slowly turning to the online platform to watch their shows, series, movies, etc.

These apps meet the needs of the users and have a lot of content that they can choose from and save to view later. Below we discuss video streaming application development.

Video streaming application development

It is a system by which users can select their desired video content such as movies, TV shows, web series and watch them as per their wish regardless of watching on TV according to broadcast time. Just connect your device, download an online video streaming application and enjoy your favorite series, TV shows or movies.

Types of video streaming apps

It is important to distinguish between different types of video chat applications. So, before we talk about what it means to create a streaming platform, let’s start by looking at some of the different kinds of video streaming services available in the market.

Benefits of creating a video streaming app for your business

There are several obvious benefits when it comes to developing a video streaming app. However, when you decide to build a video streaming platform, it is better to    know them beforehand.

Connect with the right audience

Video platforms are a great place for streamers and users to connect. It builds trust and provides an opportunity to interact with creators and followers. Customers can ask questions and get first-hand information directly and quickly.

Increased conversion rate

Let’s say you provide your audience with valuable and up-to-date content delivered through high-quality audio and video streaming. In that case, it means that you can easily grow your audience that can be easily converted.

Top players in the on-demand video streaming app industry

Online video streaming apps are on the rise. Before you start developing video streaming apps, check out some of the most popular video streaming apps around the world:


The Amazon Prime mobile app is one of the most popular video streaming apps that also performs well on the web. This allows users to access all available video content. Users can take either a monthly subscription or an annual subscription at a nominal cost. Users will also get prime access to Amazon on its retail site.


The on-demand video streaming app features an amalgamation of your favorite shows, movies, Netflix originals, TV shows and more. The subscription allows users to watch a finite number of shows without interruptions such as commercials or other promotional videos. The video platform is said to soon launch an offline version that will allow users to access content even when they are not connected to the internet.

You tube

One of the most popular video streaming platforms that is installed on almost all phones. This allows people to create their channels and publish their content online. Anyone, from any part of the world, can showcase their work here and get feedback or reviews on their video content. YouTube recently launched a premium that allowed users to access and listen to audio even when the app is not in use but open in the background.

Video streaming app features

There are many features that you should consider when planning to develop live video streaming apps. Let’s briefly review some of the most important ones:


Onboarding is vital. New users need to learn about your streaming app before they start using it.


Signing up through your video streaming app should also be as easy as possible for users. If a new user can’t do this within seconds, they may get frustrated and leave. Also consider adding registration through social media profiles can make the process as smooth and fast as possible.

Video library

A video library that is easily accessible to your users is essential and should be present on the first launch screen. If you want to build a streaming platform like Netflix, you’re going to have to fight with their features, and that’s the main thing.


Once you start finding out what one of your app’s users likes to watch, the recommended watchlist feature will come in handy.


This feature helps users provide reviews of broadcasters they like. Based on this feedback, you’ll be able to tell how popular each broadcast is and know which guests to bring back.

Video streaming application architecture

This presents a significant technical challenge, specifically when we are talking about building a streaming platform. Due to proximity, the original data must be copied to hundreds of servers around the world. There needs to be a thriving ecosystem of technologies to facilitate data analysis and algorithms to customize such services.


If you’re looking to build a streaming platform, you already know that the video and live streaming market has seen many great successes and spectacular failures over the past decade.