3 Main Trends Of Promoting Your Brand Through Social Networks

Social channels are constantly evolving and adapting their features based on user appeal and potential growth. This constant flux also presents a great opportunity for marketers looking for new creative ways to reach their audience. Keeping an eye on upcoming social media trends that are expected to dominate this year is key to a successful marketing strategy.

Brand through social networks

Live streaming

Twitch was among the first platforms to fully demonstrate the potential of live streaming, followed shortly by YouTube Live. Live streaming is now available as a feature on all major social media apps like TikTok, Twitter and Facebook. Nowadays, live streaming is a way to connect with others from a safe distance while maintaining the positive effects of social interaction.

Short videos and Instagram roles

This is especially true for 92% of marketers, who typically see it as an important part of their marketing strategy. Video momentum has only increased as major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn improve their video capabilities to keep up with growing popularity and new trends. With the rise of TikTok, an interesting trend continues to grow. Short videos have become a popular phenomenon among younger audiences.

Micro-influencers and their effectiveness

As more users shop from home, your brand strategy will be defined by partnering with influencers for their audience. While influencer marketing is an effective social marketing strategy, it can be costly. Due to the sudden attention on social media, costs have increased and well-known influencers are asking a high price for brand promotion.

Social commerce on the rise

With the gradual shift to online shopping and a new wave of active users flocking in, they had the right idea. So you can be sure that the Facebook Shop and Instagram Storefront will become one of the most used features on their respective platforms, if they aren’t already. They will thoroughly research your brand and offer.

Social networks for customer service

Social networks have come a long way since they were simple channels that connected people and allowed them to share content with each other. With commerce becoming an important part of social media platforms, it only makes sense that the next step is to use them as a customer service channel as well. It is important to have direct communication with customers to quickly resolve any issues.

Personalized ads on social networks

With growing social media trends that focus on video and graphic content, it’s no surprise that Instagram sees the majority of social media spend. Marketers report these channels as the most effective in achieving their business goals, according to Hootsuite.

Rise of social justice and brand engagement

More brands are choosing to enter the public discourse on social media about social justice, political and environmental issues. It can be a bold marketing tactic or an honest engagement that can have an adverse effect on an audience segment either way.


Taking advantage of social media trends can help keep your brand and business current and relevant to your target audience. That way, people won’t get tired of your brand. If you achieve this time and time again, you’re doing your social media strategy right.