Network Assessment Critical To VoIP Success

Before you get started with VoIP, you need to know if your network infrastructure can handle it. Do you really want to sign a contract only to have the vendor find out your network isn’t ready? This is not good for you or the seller. Even worse, you don’t want to install VoIP and frustrate customers and employees with choppy or dropped calls. These problems can easily be avoided with advance planning.

Network assessment

Pre-deployment network assessment

Prior to rolling out any new systems or technologies, a pre-deployment network assessment is critical. This involves evaluating the compatibility of existing infrastructure with the proposed changes. We aim to preemptively address any issues, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions during deployment.

Post-deployment assessment

Once the deployment dust settles, our commitment doesn’t waver. A post-deployment assessment allows us to validate the success of the implementation. We measure performance, troubleshoot any unexpected issues, and gather insights for future optimizations. Our goal is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring your network operates at peak efficiency.

Maintenance assessment

Regular check-ups are essential for a healthy network. Our maintenance assessments involve routine inspections, updates, and fine-tuning to prevent potential issues. Proactive maintenance extends the lifespan of your network infrastructure, reducing the likelihood of downtime and enhancing overall reliability.

Break strategy

In the unpredictable realm of technology, disruptions can occur. Our break/fix strategy is a rapid response plan designed to diagnose and resolve issues swiftly. Minimizing downtime is our priority, and our strategic approach ensures that your network is back on its feet in the shortest time possible.

Expert advice

Beyond just services, we offer expertise. Our team of seasoned professionals provides insightful advice on optimizing your network for efficiency and future scalability. We collaborate closely with your team, ensuring a shared understanding of best practices and emerging technologies.

The best solution

Every network is unique, and so are the challenges it faces. Our commitment is to deliver not just a solution but the best solution tailored to your specific needs. We leverage our expertise to design and implement a network architecture that aligns seamlessly with your goals.


In the dynamic landscape of networking, our approach is holistic and forward-thinking. From initial assessments through deployment, maintenance, and beyond, our focus is on empowering your network for sustained success. With expert advice, tailored solutions, and unwavering communication, we ensure that your network not only meets the challenges of today but is well-equipped for the opportunities of tomorrow.