How To Pick The Best Analytics Tools: Product Analytics Landscape

Here, we’ll talk about assessment criteria, key features, and greater for deciding on systems and gear that match your enterprise desires.

Choosing the right solution for your data

Because massive facts apply to the sort of huge spectrum of use instances, packages, and industries, it’s difficult to nail down a definitive listing of choice criteria.

Types of data analytics tools & key features

What is the gear used for massive facts analytics? Data analytics tools gear constitute a huge category, though they have a tendency to fall into some key groups.

Customer data platforms

Customer data platforms like customer relationship management platforms (CRM) seize purchaser facts that may be used to enhance strategies or promote products. However, CDPs take matters to the following level.

Core capabilities:

  • 360-diploma view of the purchaser.
  • Connect more than one fact source.
  • Unifies purchaser facts throughout all linked structures.
  • Improve concentrated on for advertising campaigns.
How To Pick The Best Analytics Tools Product Analytics Landscape

Business intelligence (BI) tools

Today’s business intelligence (BI) assists companies to see and apprehend facts. According to gartner, BI gear span 3 major categories. Online analytical processing, or OLAP, permits fact discovery, ad-hoc reporting, simulation fashions, overall performance control, and different complicated evaluation abilities. There’s additionally statistics transport–which serves up insights within the shape of visualizations, reports, and dashboards. And finally, BI integration–which offers metadata control and imparting improvement surroundings to assist your method.

Core capabilities:

  • Data visualization.
  • Predictive modeling.
  • Data mining.
  • Forecasting.
How To Pick The Best Analytics Tools Product Analytics Landscape

Customer analytics tools

Customer analytics is designed to control the overall analytics technique from guidance to perception generation. In maximum instances, purchaser analytics systems include pre-built facts fashions for forecasting, propensity to buy, and numerous statistical evaluation strategies to apprehend purchaser conduct and optimize products, offerings, and reports.

Core capabilities:

  • Granular segmentation.
  • Customer satisfaction Insights.
  • Statistical modeling.
  • Acquisition, retention, & churn metrics.
How To Pick The Best Analytics Tools Product Analytics Landscape

Digital experience platforms

Digital experience platforms is a new kind of enterprise-grade software program designed to optimize the purchaser revel in at each touchpoint. While DXPs overlap with purchasers revel in control systems, DXPs cognizance greater on streamlining strategies, coordinating and personalizing content material to customers throughout an extensive variety of channels which include the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual assistants, VR reports, and greater.

Core capabilities:

  • API-first structure.
  • Multi-touchpoint control.
  • Dynamic templates for automating personalization.
  • Content control and transport.
How To Pick The Best Analytics Tools Product Analytics Landscape

Professional services & support

What do you need from a provider company? Some answers are primarily based totally on commercial enterprise fashions that advantage from being helpful. Consider whether or not you’d want to paintings with a companion that gives hands-on assistance and steerage around getting the maximum fee from their answer.

How To Pick The Best Analytics Tools Product Analytics Landscape

Data storage options

Choosing among a SaaS answer and web hosting on-premises is some other key consideration. SaaS answers are cloud-primarily based totally and controlled through a third-party company that loads of handling a platform’s IT infrastructure–which incorporates storage, security, and facts backup.

SaaS web hosting is a valueable, scalable answer that could lessen time-to-marketplace and combine with different structures. The advantage of the usage of a SaaS device for say, BI or purchaser analytics, is it’s less complicated for non-technical customers to get entry to and apprehend insights without the assist from an analyst or IT.

Data reporting & presentation

According to the business, massive facts aren’t normally utilized in a manner that maximizes the fee. Companies are higher at gathering facts approximately the whole lot from clients to the competition but fall quick on the subject of studying insights and making use of them strategically.

Ongoing and future costs

Several elements make a contribution to the general value of your answer, which includes:

  • How tons facts you’ve got?
  • Data complexity and cleanliness.
  • Whether you’re the usage of AI or system getting to know packages.
  • Data technology IT abilities.
  • How many use instances are you pursuing?
How To Pick The Best Analytics Tools Product Analytics Landscape


Big facts integration systems assist organizations to tear down silos throughout their whole facts ecosystem. They’re an important device for handling and storing facts clusters, specifically while you’re handling facts captured from an extensive variety of IoT endpoints, packages, and fact types.