Top Golang Web Frameworks for Developers in 2021

Golang is referred to as Go. It is a widely famous open-source programming language from Google and is particularly well known for its talents in growing easy-to-use, nicely structured, and highly stable software.


Golang is an open-supply language this is specially designed to enhance accuracy and concurrency that make the internet utility optimized the generation lets developers develop reliable easy and powerful virtual answers for businesses. Go Language compiles to brief going for walks local code this characteristic has attracted many internet app developers to move for Go due to the fact it’s clean to use. Go is essentially the developed model of famous programming languages C and C++.

Golang web frameworks

  1. Revel

Revel is one of the first and absolute featured Go web frameworks revel comes with a bunch of field functions which might be pre-configured and set up for max utilization, unlike many different frameworks. Revel no longer require any configuration or setup require any third-party plugins or middleware as it’s miles self-sufficient.

  1. Web.pass

Web.pass is one of the simplest Go web frameworks despite being lightweight over Go. It gives extra capability due to a tree-routing machine this kind of routing is an awful lot extra as compared to easy listing routing which gives a path through relationships in preference to the utilization of purpose.


  • Bolster tree routing.
  • Simple and understandable.
  • Restricted to vital functions.
  1. Goji

Goji is a lightweight Golang web frameworks this is recognized for its simplicity and cap potential to compose it is a traditionalistic HTTP request multiplexer that carries Einhorn assistance one of the greater functions of Goji is that it carries graceful re-configurable middleware stack shutdown URL patterns and extra.


  • URL pattern.
  • Web Socket aid.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compatible with lean API.
  1. Go craft

Go craft is upload routing through a web package deal from a trendy library or HTTP as it’s miles.


  • Go middleware and mux packages.
  • Quick routing.
  • Simple to apprehend and clean to put in writing.
  1. Gorilla

Gorilla is certainly considered one among the most important and longest going for Golang frameworks the cause why it’s miles.


  • Bolster WebSocket’s.
  • Minimalistic framework.
  • Large network.
  1. Mango

Mango is a framework created through a person author named Paul Bellamy. The Golang web frameworks is famous despite the fact that there may be no lively network that releases every day updates and keeps.


  • Straightforward Golang web frameworks.
  • It doesn’t have a network however a huge organization of customers usage.
  1. Buffalo

If you need to expand web programs faster, then Buffalo is the Go web framework you need to appearance for from back-end to front-end. Buffalo units the whole thing up in order to start your web development to take into account. Simply a Golang web framework it is a substitute for a holistic web growing eco-machine that allows you to pass right away for growing your web app.


  • Live changes.
  • Hot reloading.
  • Bolster statistics migration.
  1. Net/HTTP

The Go mailing listing functions, this framework as must-have framework developers typically develop the complete XMPP server with handiest Net/HTTP and it plays properly. Everyone is aware with complicated web programs typically want a middleware some appealing initiatives permit you to blend and in shape with the usual Net/HTTP.


  • Hube and lively network aid.
  • Mandatory aid for growing the apps.
  1. Beego

Beego is the exceptional Golang web framework in 2020 and it’s miles much like the Django web framework for Python.


  • Saves a whole lot of time.
  • Faster wen app development.
  • Integrates ORM, integrated cache handler.
  1. Gin Gonic

Gin Gonic is a Golang framework this is recognized for growing high-appearing APIs it is likewise one of the best frameworks to learn. It takes around 10 mins to get used to it the conservative Gin Gonic web framework carries simply the crucial functions and libraries which makes it perfect for developing highly-appearing REST APIs.


  • Performs REST API.
  • Allows for brief app development usage of HTTP router.
  • Martini likes API.


The Golang gives too many beneficial, reliable, and effective frameworks that deal with the needs of all forms of web development tasks throughout numerous sizes and niches. A Golang developer can constantly discover a device ideal for his development desires in phrases of functions, ease of use, mastering curve, modularity, reusability, or performance.