Top 7 Most Popular Java Frameworks For Web Development

Java is mostly every developer’s favorite object-oriented language for lots of motives. One of the many reasons to go for Java is that it offers a host of other Java web development frameworks consisting of MyBatis a persistence framework a gaming framework. A Java framework is unique to the Java programming language which is used for developing Java software and programs.

1. Struts

In a traditional servlet JSP approach, if a user submits, say, a form with their details, the data then is going to a servlet for processing, or the control goes over to the next JSP.  The controller is an ActionServlet where models can be written for the view and user registrations are managed using the JavaBean ActionForm. The Action object is responsible for transmitting the application flow.

2. Java Server Faces

It is the Java-based web application framework mainly used for Java web development. JSF is maintained by Oracle technology that especially simplifies creating person interfaces for JavaServer applications. The web development framework simplifies the development of user interfaces for server-facet applications by assembling reusable user interface components on a single page. The framework simplifies the development of user interfaces for server-facet applications by assembling reusable user interface components on a single page. JSF is a thing-based MVC framework that encompasses several front-end technologies and focuses more on the presentation layer.

3. Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is not a full-stack framework, it offers a software framework and works at the MapReduce programming version. Hadoop helps in distributed data storage and processing the usage of the master-slave design pattern. The Hadoop HDFS layer of the master node has the records node. The MapReduce layer has the JobTracker and the task tracker. The slave nodes have the Data node and the task tracker respectively.

4. Grails

Grails is clean to learn full-stack framework much suitable for those who are just beginning their programming career. Although Grails is a web framework written in the Groovy programming language, it runs on the Java platform and is fully compatible with the Java syntax. It is easy to learn and is one of the most beginner-friendly Java frameworks. Grails is written in Groovy and it can run on the Java platform.

5. Dropwizard

This is a lightweight Java framework that provides advanced help for complex setups and lets you complete your application in the fastest way possible Any novice programmer can broaden high-performance RESTful web apps without problems with the Dropwizard Java framework. Developers are able to set up faster due to less sophistication and the abundance of gear to make applications.

6. Vaadin

Vaadin is a lightweight Java framework, which allows developers to create complete Java applications and interfaces for laptops and mobile phones. Vaadin is a cross-platform development JavaScript framework that lets you bundle native mobile apps, web apps, or even laptop apps with a single codebase. Vaadin’s cross-platform portability allows users to expand network infrastructures quickly and hassle-free. Provides a platform for simplified Java development. Data visualization is another aspect of Vaadin that contributes to the success of your developer app.

7. Micronaut

Micronaut is leading the serverless application. Micronaut is a contemporary JVM-based, full-stack framework for developing modular, readily tested microservice and serverless programs.  Micronaut is a Polyglot framework, which means it can be used to create programs in a wide range of programming languages. Micronaut is not only a coding web framework however it’s also a performance booster. It also resolved all complex browser-based utility challenges and with its rich libraries offers faster working java web applications.


To develop amazing multi-featured web development, you can choose any of the Java frameworks for web application development mentioned above. The proper Java framework not only will support you in meeting your unique business requirements but also give you a special level of flexibility with high performance and security