9 Exciting Ways To Use Augmented Reality For Your Business

If you’re looking for your company to be on the reducing side it could be tempting to chase the newest, rising era like Augmented Reality. Not each app can use AR. However, AR may be a great manner to have interact with your users and inform a tale in a brand new or surprising manner. Citizen on an augmented reality application to revolutionize the insurance sector. Afterward, we had been especially enthusiastic about the chance of exploring different methods wherein this era could be used to help humans revel in records in a brand new way.

1. Information overlay for marketing purposes

Book covers are an amazing manner to have interact with readers even further. Carlton Books is with a distinctive AR layout the reader can interact with characters in the books after testing their pages with an app. The photos in these books act as state-of-the-art QR codes or maps, which allow the app to test the layout and stream the recordings to the app using augmented reality.

2. Improve the classroom experience

AR may be a superb device within the study room! Like including extra records to e-book covers in the instance above, those educators labored to create a manner for their students to engage with their study room materials. Students much lived through the Civil War while engaging with the AR app. 

3. Interior design

 This concept by letting you place chandeliers in your home before you buy them using AR this app detects the ground aircraft to can help you flow around fixtures and notice wherein portions will be in shape earlier than you cross purchasing.

4. Accompanying social change

After their landfills began out overflowing Buenos Aires handed a Zero Waste regulation and used AR to inspire their residents to recycle and ease up their neighborhoods. The authorities gamified the technique of recycling and cleaning up trash as a motivator – and now they’re nicely on their manner to being an incredibly environmentally-pleasant city.

5. Prototyping products

 Clackamas Community College used AR to assist them in versioning an engine – which turned into each an academic device, and an amazing manner to prototype a guide transmission! They scanned all the components into 3D objects, permitting the students and professors to take a deeper dive into learning.

6. Wayfinding in medicine

The AR Guidance in Medicine has the potential to be truly revolutionary in medicine. While there are still plenty of opportunities to create breakthrough science apps, some are already standing. MedsightsTech uses augmented reality to assist surgeons. From finding a tumor to performing tests efficiently in this app.

7. Orientation in shopping

Lowe has created an app that allows shoppers to apply augmented reality to discover the right and accurate product. Simply look for the product you need, and the app will geo-discover you, direct you to the Lowe’s Store then uses AR to highlight your way to the correct bin your product is in.

8. Smart mirrors that show what you look like in your clothes

Smart mirrors are the manner of the future! Using AR, you can see how you will appear in clothes earlier than purchasing them – lessening the chance that you’ll go back to gadgets or have a negative purchasing revel in a store. The development of clever mirrors has a tech develops over time.

9. Bringing insurance to life

We partnered with Citizen to create a technology-driven income tool that might make Whole Life coverage less difficult for a client to apprehend whilst improving the seller’s private connection. Our focus turned into helping them create augmented reality (AR) options to bring insurance to life at InsureTech.


The augmented reality technology works through making use of a tool camera, capturing stay footage, and showing it on a screen with 3D elements overlaid. Thus, part of the visible surroundings becomes digital and doubtlessly interactive. When evaluating VR and AR in manufacturing, we’ve called AR the maximum reachable of immersive technologies because it works on nearly all Android and iOS devices with a useful camera, whilst the other options require pricey and specialized hardware.