10 Web Development and Web Design Facts That You Should Know

Web development has attracted a lot of attention. Web development is the basic construction and maintenance of websites is the whole procedure that occurs to make a website highly responsive, smooth running, and working well with a seamless user experience, web developers use a variety of languages ​​depending on the company. Web development is in high demand due to its high pay scale across the globe. Web development is generally divided into major sections Frontend and Backend. The frontend takes care of what a user will see while the backend offers all server-related stuff.

1. Optimize web graphics for better page load times

Learn how to optimize your net graphics by selecting the right format and making sure that it’s as small as it can possibly be. Even though people are turning to broadband connections, some still use dial-up Internet connections. Additionally, with the emergence of mobile device technologies that do not necessarily offer speeds comparable to broadband, having slow page load times due to image file sizes can turn users off.

2. Keep it clean and simple

Good web design is not only visually appealing but also pleasing. A simple and fluid network layout normally ends up being a highly usable network design that does not create any problems interacting with it. By having too many site features and add-one on one-page website visitors from the cause of the website.

3. Navigation is the most important thing you will design

With that obvious truth out of the manner. It’s very critical to place sufficient time and a whole lot of making plans on a website online’s navigation structure. This is not unusual place sense, however, it’s nevertheless unexpected what a number of web designs take site navigation for granted.

4. The website model can limit the capabilities of a website

In the web app development market, website templates have become a not unusual place preferred by those who are the little concept of coding and do not need to spend too much time on web app development. Website templates are the easy way out it limits your capabilities to use design elements.

5. Understanding color accessibility

After talking about fonts, we also want to factor out the importance of the use of the right colors. Some color schemes only work when sedation is used as the foreground gradient. It’s important only to get a good mix of colors to use for the right elements on the page.

6. A website doesn’t look the same on diverse computer screens

Browsers on each tool render a website in a different manner. It’s for this purpose that a website that looks safe on Google Chrome on a desktop computer looks different. How a website will appear on the display screen relies upon factors such as parsing and rendering, because of this that how a browser translates the code in a website and shows it to your display screen.

7. Most of the readers simply scan the website

In research on how people study websites, Nielsen Norman Group found that 79% of check customers scanned the website, and the handiest 16% of customers read the text word by the phrase. So, if you do not have your own group of copywriters, check with your web development company in the event that they provide such services or you might take assistance from the outside vendors.

8. Two-thirds of web usage is on mobile devices

The rise of smartphones has modified the medium via which users attain out to a website. For most of the customers who browse the Internet on smartphones make sure your web app development company must optimize the website to deliver a delightful mobile experience.

9. Life span of website is Just 3 Years

The Digital area is usually evolving. From hardware to software each thing on the Internet is certain to alternate the websites. So, a website designed 3 years returned should be upgraded to the cutting-edge era to be had to offer the premiere stage of personal experience. Top companies have upgraded their website with new technologies.

10. Source code of website affects search engine ranking

Search engines read the source code of your website, so it’s miles important that web developers make the code SEO pleasant.  Web development at some point in the app development process should focus on elements.


Websites are changing at a rapid pace these days. Hopefully, with the help of these web design statistics, you will be able to provide your website visitors with accurate information in a friendly way.