5 Top Eco-Friendly Mobile Apps Can Help Make Our Lives Green

Even with thousands of mobile apps on our phones, I’m sure most of us don’t even know the existence of easy-to-use mobile apps. You have to wonder what an eco-friendly mobile application is. So, instead of just meeting and discussing global warming problems while dumping garbage on the street, eco-friendly mobile apps are realistic ideas that give a platform for global audiences to take responsibility and take a step forward. in green life. One of the great things about easy-to-use mobile apps is that they are not focused on just one thing.

Eco-Friendly mobile apps


Looking for an eco-friendly way to get to know your area better. But Olio is the perfect mobile app for you. Olio lets you share leftover food with nearby people rather than throw it away. As we know, food is one of the best means of communication; Olio gives you the opportunity to connect with your neighbors. You can take a picture of a plate, and upload it to Olio, say details like what that thing is, how long it will take to get ready, and a little explanation, and you’re ready.

2. Ailuna

Within the app, you are also given a brave series that takes almost a week to complete. Each liver is professionally designed and supported by behavioral science to help you develop long-lasting habits. They focus on changes in lifestyle, such as saving water or buying nothing new. When you find someone, you want to try – accept the courage! The app will take you through the setup phase, asking you how many days you can commit and when it should come in with you to make sure you build those habits.

3. Ecorio

When Google launched the HTC G1, the company took the opportunity to showcase new applications created by independent engineers. One of those was Ecorio. Ecorio helps you track the carbon footprint you create on your daily commute. As you go, Ecorio tracks where you are. You can also use it to plan a trip and it will help you to choose the most natural trails. Ecorio is in contact with Google Transit to determine the best way to get to your destination with minimal impact on the environment.

4. Dropcountr

The main purpose of Dropcountr is to help water resources and people save water. The app connects the user directly to his water utility company and can send messages about the water budget, warn you about leaks or send a custom drought. The app allows you to not only track water usage but also helps to set a better water budget and compare your usage with others. An app designed to show you dates, charts, and comparison tables in a beautiful, easy-to-understand, and accurate way.

5. JouleBug

JouleBug’s goal is to make daily routines more sustainable and environmentally friendly. From outdoor activities, energy, and water conservation, the app encourages you to learn more about each tip, its impact on How-to videos and Useful links, and share activities with your friends. JouleBug has completely won the environmental applications we have tested. With tips and tricks, video tutorials, and additional useful content for every action-friendly environment you take an amazing data set that will help users better understand the importance of actions.


Engineers have found ways to create applications that will help you pay more attention to the environment, while users now have a fun and easy tool that will help them change daily habits and become more aware of their impact on the environment.