How To Write A Good Documentation For Your Open-source Library

The boom of open-source, though, demanded that documentation be written increasingly with the end-consumer in thought. Companies have found that a presence in international open source is a valuable resource for attracting new customers and new developers. Open-source tasks develop credibility and set up a reputation.  

Five useful writing suggestions  

Here are five useful writing suggestions you could practice today. They may also appear painfully easy and obvious, but they are left out time and again once more in technical writing. 

Use Quick and Easy Phrases:  

  • Format for clean reading: Use headings, bullet factors, and hyperlinks to interrupt up records into chunks as opposed to lengthy explaining paragraphs.
  • Mind your spelling and grammar: Always, usually spell test for typos and grammar test for polish.

Readme files 

Helpful suggestions for scripting this a part of your documentation: 

  • Make it clear to your customers in what manner your software program can assist them; difficult situations that facilitate overtaking. Include code template.
  • Detail the setup manner and run stock of all the dependencies and conditions required.

Reference files 

The final technical file.

It’s on this file which you ought to well file: 

  • All the features of your software and how they work.
  • What inputs and outputs its customers ought to expect.
  • Your project’s foremost goal.

Useful tips to follow when writing the reference file:

  • You are probably tempted to join one of the many answers that could automate all the obligations related to the referenced file.
  • An affordable compromise could be to consist of at the least a one-sentence-lengthy clarification of your personal for every item.
  • Consider including a hyperlink to the characteristic implementation out of your software program’s code.


A manual is, in essence, an instruction that helps your consumer navigate through all of your library’s functions. For large, generic, and opinionated frameworks, the manual may be the most important documentation file. Begin your manual with the aid of using outlining its scope and organizing what previous expertise the consumer is projected to have. 

API file       

The API file contains the schema of character abilities, methods, and addons in your library. It is the ultimate source of reality for interpreting how your library works. Your customers will then confer with your API file to assist them in parenting it out. 

Here are a few policies to comply with while writing an API file: 

  • If a feature, class, or variable is publicly exposed, it must be archived.
  • The documentation ought to include a quick description of the issue and point out any area instances that can occur.
application software

The cookbook files 

  • Another key question of a perfect open-source file.
  • Think of it as a set of How to deal with a set of maximum common problems.
  • Self-contained “recipes” for the way to use the library to perform particular obligations.
  • Describe in detail the functions desired to solve particular problems.
  • It Is usually an amazing concept to focus on your software program’s integration with different libraries, as well, as consisting of different doctors.


The very last possibility for the writer to repeat and emphasize decided on key factors formerly offered in the file.