Why Is Minimum Viable Product Of Mobile App Development?

The Minimum Viable Product method offers a platform where an app developer can validate their assumptions and refine them to better serve the consumer. The concept of MVP is to deliver maximum value faster at a low cost. The benefit of MVP is that it allows you to learn about your potential customers and the market as a whole. It also allows you to understand whether you are on the right track when it comes to your mobile app development process. 

Minimum viable product

Know your business needs

The first and important step is to determine the niche in the market that you will try to fill with your product. Always ask yourself what value your product will add to the market and the long-term goal you intend to achieve with your product. After you understand what challenges you intend to solve with your product, it’s time to set your success criteria.

Look for opportunities

After identifying a gap in the market, you should look for ways to solve the existing problem and change with your application. Always make sure to note these pains and gains as they are valuable when you want to improve your app. Finally, summarize the benefits and pains as an opportunity statement because they offer a chance to develop a better product.

Select the features you want to work on

You should be able to decide which features to include in your minimum viable product and which to include in your product roadmap. Before you start working on your features, select all the important ones and use a prioritization method like a priority matrix to work on the most important features first. You’ll be confident that your minimum viable product will be an enhancement to your existing mobile app.

The important thing is to start with MVP

Minimizes development costs

The more complicated it is, the more you have to spend. You’ll have to pay a lot more to get more features and an attractive design. On the other hand, MVP development requires minimal resources. It’s also built over time, allowing you to scale your development costs, and you can use the resources you get from selling previous versions of the minimum viable product to develop your MVP.

It allows you to test your product and assumptions

MVP allows you to test your assumptions by bringing your mobile app to market. Your customers will then give you feedback telling you whether or not your assumptions were correct. You can then use the behavior and needs of your users to guide you in developing future versions of your product.

To attract investors

Ideas are good, but most of the time they won’t get you the funding you require. Investors prefer an operational application that has growth potential. The best solution in this case is an MVP, as it can demonstrate the viability of your product and, as a result, stakeholders will be more willing to invest in it.

Reduces time to market

A minimum viable product allows you to go to market faster compared to creating a full version of the product. You can also test the market and make changes before launching the full product. In this way, you will create specific features that will make your marketing more effective.


A minimum viable product is an essential part of the application development process. However, as said, it is not mandatory to develop and release an MVP application. But if you are choosing and creating an MVP for your product, it will surely offer more scalability and better chances to maintain the app.