8 Questions You Must Ask To Find A Good Flutter App Development Company

A framework like Flutter allows you to build iOS and Android mobile apps in a truly independent way. Developers find fastest and most distinctive way to build native apps. Due to its simplicity, high performance resulting from its development, rich user interface. Flutter will have a significant influence on the development of quality, feature-packed mobile applications in the near future. Below we discuss some Flutter app development Company

What can you tell me about your development company’s flutter?

Flutter app development companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some software companies boast a shiny downtown office and a few hundred people. Others may have a dozen or so employees and operate entirely remotely. Your job is to find out which company is the best fit for you, for several reasons.

Have you done any similar flutter projects?


Although applications often seem different, some of their structures or elements may be almost the same. You might even find some solutions on the market that can be an inspiration for your own. Therefore, your next task is to find a Flutter mobile app development company that has already worked on similar projects. If the software house has some relevant experience, they will know what solutions to offer to suit your needs. They may even think of some better ideas to improve your app strategy.

What frameworks will you use for my flutter app?

Frameworks allow you to create applications from ready-made building blocks instead of writing them from scratch. As a result, your app can be completed sooner and with less effort, resulting in lower Flutter development costs. Ask your Flutter mobile app development company about their available frameworks. A software house should have a portfolio of frameworks originating from other companies’ applications. They can incorporate some components from other applications into your solution without affecting its originality.

What can you tell me about your flutter app development team?

Development team

This is especially important for software development. Good developers are still hard to find, especially Flutter developers. And you would like to be sure that only professionals will handle your application. Another factor you should consider is the developer’s tenure with the company. If they haven’t worked there for a long time or have changed jobs often, they may not work best for your project.

What are the different build modes in flutter?

Depending on your stage of development, the framework compiles your code in different ways or modes, which we call build mode. Flutter’s tool allows you to compile your application in three modes.

Debug mode:

  • This mode allows debugging applications on a physical device, emulator, or simulator. Claims and service extensions are allowed here. Fast deployment is then achieved by optimizing compilation.

Profile Mode:

  • In this mode, some debugging options are preserved, which are enough to analyze the performance of the application during testing.

Why is flutter app development the best choice for me?

There are many development options, starting with deciding between cross-platform app development and native app development. If you’re still not sure, ask for proof of why Flutter app development is the best choice for your project. You should receive proper comparisons or benchmarks. You can then analyze different technologies, learn about their pros and cons, consider features such as ease and speed of implementation vs. desired result etc.

Which version of flutter will you use for the app?

It already has several editions and new versions are released regularly. This means that the latest version is not always the best. Talk to your chosen Flutter app development company about the version of Flutter they plan to use. Make sure it is the latest stable version or close to it.

Do you provide any post release services for flutter mobile apps?

Systems are constantly evolving and you need to stay on top of it. After the app is released, it still needs post-release app services like support, upgrades, maintenance, bug fixing, etc. Otherwise, your clients won’t be able to use the app.


Flutter is a mobile technology that is among the most innovative and emerging in the mobile market as the next revolutionary thing right now.