7 Challenges Of Software Development Team Leader During Pandemic

A development team lead is responsible for the whole software team. They usually transition from being a developer, QA tester, product manager, or any other technical role. However, they do not just write or design the code. Instead, they coordinate efforts across teams to deliver software products successfully.

Software development team leader


1.Communication challenge

Face-to-face communication is no longer a viable option. As a result, they have become aware of the major advantage of direct communication. You probably know how easy it was to simply ask someone sitting next to you and get an immediate response in the pre-pandemic era.

2. Availability challenge

During remote work, people must mix their professional and private lives. For instance, when they are working from home with a baby on their hands, they might not always be present in the same timeframe as others.

3. Efficiency challenge

You have probably experienced very high efficiency fluctuations during the pandemic onset. Sometimes, it skyrocketed due to people’s increased sense of duty. In other situations, it plummeted because of team members getting used to new working conditions.

4. Planning challenge

Short-term planning often isn’t greatly affected by remote working. Long-term planning is another story. Establishing long-term goals, KPIs, or even conducting workshops cannot be carried out so easily during remote work.

5. Leadership challenge

When remote work came into play, the role of a leader also changed. Leaders no longer have immediate access to their employees. As we mentioned before, they can’t closely monitor the work of team members to provide assistance if necessary.

6. Maintaining motivation and focus

Early in the pandemic, there was an increased effort to keep employees motivated and focused. People were afraid for loved ones, adjusting to remote work and overcome with uncertainty of the future. In this case, we can steal a play from our pandemic rule book for maintaining motivation and focus, which continues to be a business challenge.

7. Leading through change

During the pandemic, we were given a crash course on how to manage employees through a work environment transformation while maintaining business continuity.

  • Employee safety and wellness
  • Flexible workspaces and scheduling
  • Increased client demand
  • Workflow changes
  • Technology changes
  • Staffing shortages


Although employers have always faced catastrophic events, none have been as intense and far reaching for leaders of today as the impact of COVID-19. The experience helped us know that we can overcome, and now we have a great roadmap on how to lead through change, which continues to be a post-pandemic challenge.

Work team management

This is not so easy as people are scattered around different places. Many people consider the idea that even if an introvert can be a good leader during office work, it takes more of an extrovert to deal with remote work team management.

Major challenges

We have considered all the major challenges facing software development team leaders during the pandemic. Most of these challenges relate to managing people and keeping your team together. Making your team feel good and appreciated despite constant remote work is critical to conducting company processes.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be a worldwide human and economic disaster, with many repercussions that are already evident, but with other effects that we cannot even yet imagine.