Managed VMware, Powered By Deft – Frequently Asked Questions

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtualization and cloud management, understanding the intricacies of VMware, especially when managed by the cutting-edge capabilities of Deft, is essential for businesses seeking to optimize their IT infrastructure.

Managed vmware

How does managed vmware work?

You can choose how much computing power, memory, storage, and bandwidth you need.

What exactly does deft do?

Deft is a text generation model developed by OpenAI, specifically designed for generating human-like, coherent, and contextually relevant responses in a conversational setting. It is part of OpenAI’s GPT family of models, and it aims to excel in tasks that involve interacting with users through natural language.

Do you provide OS licenses

I do not provide OS licenses or distribute software licenses of any kind. My function is to provide information, answer questions, and assist with tasks to the best of my knowledge and abilities.

Are you securing my vmware environment

I’m just a text-based AI and do not have the capability to directly secure your VMware environment or any other computer systems. Securing your VMware environment is a critical task that requires careful planning and implementation of various security measures.

Where should i deploy my managed vmware environment?

The choice of where to deploy your Managed VMware environment depends on your specific business needs and considerations. Generally, it’s advisable to select a data center or cloud provider that aligns with your geographical proximity, compliance requirements, and budget constraints.

Common use cases for private vs multi-tenant vmware

Private Managed VMware is typically used by organizations that require dedicated and isolated virtualized environments for their specific business needs. This approach ensures complete control over the infrastructure, making it suitable for industries with stringent compliance requirements, such as finance or healthcare. Private Managed VMware allows companies to customize their virtualization environments to match their exact specifications while maintaining data security and regulatory compliance.

What operating systems do you support?

I as a software-based AI developed by OpenAI, do not directly support or interact with operating systems. Instead, I am designed to be platform-agnostic and can operate on a wide range of devices and environments.

What vmware interfaces / applications can i use?

VMware offers a diverse range of interfaces and applications tailored to various virtualization and cloud computing needs. One of the most commonly used interfaces is the VMware vSphere Client, which provides a web-based graphical user interface for managing and configuring virtualized data centers, including virtual machines, networking, and storage.

How do i integrate a managed vmware environment from deft with existing systems

Integrating a Managed VMware environment from Deft with your existing systems involves a strategic approach to ensure seamless collaboration between your on-premises or cloud-based infrastructure and Deft’s VMware solution. First, assess your current systems and requirements to identify compatibility and connectivity needs.


The Advanced section page provides the ability to configure reservations and resource usage limits for virtual machines in your Cloud environment. Shared resources and reservations can be used to keep virtual machines from consuming too many resources in your environment.