Polish Businesses Will Invest In These Technologies

Investments in increasingly advanced data analytics, user experience, voice bots and agile working are all ahead of entrepreneurs if they want to keep up with the competition in terms of IT Technologies. A real revolution is coming for the banking sector. Which will soon be fully available in Polish, users will get used to chatting with a bot. Expectations from such a chat will grow – we would like it to be as natural as possible, close to a conversation with a live person.

Polish businesses

Open banking with PSD2 or your finances unrecognizable

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, the advent of Open Banking, powered by regulations like PSD2, is reshaping the way we manage our money. PSD2, or the second Payment Services Directive, has torn down traditional silos in the financial industry, enabling a seamless and interconnected ecosystem.

Practical test from digital transformation

The digital age demands more than just a passive acceptance of change. It calls for a practical examination of our systems and processes. Digital transformation is not a buzzword; it’s a journey that requires organizations to reevaluate their strategies, adopt cutting-edge technologies, and fundamentally alter their approach to remain relevant.

Bet on user experience and product design or die

In the competitive arena of the digital economy, user experience and product design emerge as the key differentiators. The days of functional but clunky interfaces are long gone. Organizations that fail to invest in exceptional user experiences and thoughtful product design are at risk of becoming obsolete.

There is no turning back from agility

Agility is not just a methodology; it’s a mindset that shapes the future of successful businesses. The ability to pivot, adapt, and respond swiftly to changing circumstances is a prerequisite for survival.


As we stand at the crossroads of technological disruption, the choices we make today will define our financial future. Open banking, digital transformation, user-centric design, and agility are not mere trends; they are the pillars upon which the future of finance rests.