I’ve Were Given A Few Flutter Issues However My Flutter App Ain’t One

Flutter is an open-source UI software development framework launched by Google and its community. It allows you to develop native interfaces for applications. Flutter code compiles to ARM or Intel system code as well as JavaScript, for fast performance on any device.

Flutter app


Flutter has some benefits over its competitors. These benefits are inherent within the programming language and hard and fast development equipment that permit flutter to resolve issues and drawbacks that other technologies cannot cope with.



  • There are no competing standards.
  • There are no oddities inherent in lots of programming languages.
  • No heap of absolutely incompatible design patterns.
  • Finally, there may be no want to have every other tool disaster among the standard functionality and tools.

Growing popularity

Flutter has overtaken React Native in every stack overflow. Here you get an efficient supply of training sources and more qualified developers who are equipped to work with your application. And all this within the situation of the speedy increase of the generation itself.

High performance

Flutter apps are compiled into system code with the usage of the visualization engine develop in C, C++. So the programs are very fast and with excessive performance.

Mild learning curve

Another purpose for the speedy increase of flutter’s reputation among developers, further to high productivity was the availability of particular documentation and a huge variety of examples.

UI design

A flutter UI Design lets you create stunning UI designs for Android and iOS mobile apps. By using a single codebase, you can extend the best UI design and use it for both platforms.


Flutter developers flaw

The job market is better for this generation, At the time of penning this article no extra than 200 resumes had been published on job sites.

A limited set of tools and libraries

Flutter is a new cross-platform app development framework. Many flutter features are in alpha and beta testing and may not work consistently well. In addition, you cannot get the vital functions within the current library in some cases, due to the fact the platform continues to be finalized.

Massive file size

Modern users do now no longer need to sacrifice their favorite tune or recreation in choose of the following utility, so one of the principal responsibilities of the developer is to create the smallest application length. To reduce code length programmers visit extraordinary tricks they do now no longer use animations lessen images and use at the least applications and libraries.

Weak iOS feature support

The fact that flutter is a Google product compounds the great satisfaction with the support of the iOS program.

Lack of support for password management

Using your non-native widgets has its drawbacks. Flutter programs currently have issues with autocomplete input fields.

Problems with flutter apps

Problem 1: Google maps and polygons

The spherical area changed to signify how polluted is the air within the vicinity of the station. It turned out that unfortunately, polygons were not supported by this plugin.

Problem 2: Charts

Angerly, I needed to surrender from polygons and circulate ahead with improvement. This time it changed into the charts. I had some specs for the chart: rounded edges, percentage indicator within the middle, and the gradient within the development bar.

Problem 3: Facebook SDK

Facebook SDK

The chart is carried out works first-rate let’s circulate on with development. The sudden awareness that we want to attach to social media started with a classic check-in with Facebook. I showcased all the essential features and moved on. Which approach that the package can be out of date, however, it won’t get replaced by any other solution.

Problem 4: Length

The ultimate problem I stumbled upon even as growing my flutter app changed into the utility’s length in assessment to different local app solutions.


Flutter may not be a whole framework yet, and its usage of it for large and complicated projects may be a bit difficult seeing that there’s no support for all functionalities see my bonus round with augmented reality even if you can’t discover a plugin with a given capability, you may nonetheless write code in native and create bridges among flutter and native classes.